26 November 2013

The rug that wasn’t to be

Recently I’ve been concentrating on one room in our home – at least, as much as I usually focus on one room. It’s the foyer, and while I didn’t have quite the burst of inspiration I had in the guest room, I did come up with several projects that would work together and make me happier with the space overall.

And one of those projects was replacing the rug. Remember, when we first moved in I left the hardwoods bare.

I really love hardwoods, and as the foyer is the only hardwood flooring in our place, I didn’t want to cover them up. Over time, though, I finally decided a rug would cozy up the space – and help distract from the, um, character of the floor (read: water spots and scratches, although I do also consider them character). I threw down the ERSLEV rug from IKEA that previously lived under our dining table, for the time being.

I really do like that rug – it was perfect in the old space, the price is great, and I still have dreams of transforming it with paint when I tire of the plain white. But in our foyer.... it’s not weathering well.

For one, I never bought the proper size rug pad, and this rug is thin enough that it’s obvious. See the edge of the rug pad underneath, a few inches in?

I assure you, it’s just as obvious, if not more, in real life.

Then there’s the fact that this is in one of the most highest-traffic areas of our apartment. This cotton rug just isn’t built to be walked upon quite so much. Plus, before its current location, it had dining chairs dragged on it daily in our old home. So, there’s pulls all over it, and they kinda drive me batty.

(Note, AGAIN, the edge of the rug pad. Blahhh.)

Of course, the pulls get worse every time Mr. P aggressively vacuums the rug to try to assuage my complaining about how filthy it looks. Even though we’re mostly a no-shoes household, somehow that still doesn’t stop this rug from getting grody.

Blehehhhhehhhhh yeeeeecchhhhh grrrrossssssssss.

While this rug has been helpful for determining that I do want a rug in this space, it’s clear that it shouldn’t be this one any more.

So, for months I’ve been hunting around for a new rug for this space. I’d love to find one like my inspiration/dream rug is the Catherine rug from Ballard:

I’ve loved this rug for so long, it was one of my very first pins on Pinterest – and even then, I’d already coveted this rug for awhile. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for this rug! Actually, I know exactly what I wouldn’t give. Six hundred dollars. I will not pay six hundred dollars for this rug until I have the perfect room to put it in, and this foyer isn’t it.

There are lots of beautiful Ballard rugs I’d get in a heartbeat, but they’re just not in the budget for this temporary room. Instead, I’ve been routinely stalking more discount sites like Rugs USA – it’s where I got my trellis rug, and I’ve been happy with that purchase. And I’ve been very very picky about price – every dollar spent on a “temporary” rug is a dollar not saved for my Catherine rug. It’s hard to find a rug that’s at least 7x9 feet and in my perfect pattern for under two hundred dollars!

But a few weeks ago... I FOUND IT:

True: Catherine, it is not. But, for the price – ONE HUNDRED TEN DOLLARS for a 7x9 foot rug?!

I chatted briefly about it with Mr. P the morning I found it, and that afternoon bit the bullet and ordered it. And once I’d actually placed the order, I started getting really excited about it. Even if it was a little yellow-tinged (the color was hard to tell the color from the website), it would certainly be a good replacement for the grody stained-white color we’re currently used to. Plus, the dark design would distract from stains, and the faux-worn style (super hot nowadays, see Jenny from Little Green Notebook here) would disguise actual wear and tear. Even the dimensions were great – it was a little wider and shorter than most rugs, and the more-square shape would fit our foyer better.

So all in all, I was happy – and even more excited when I took the above screen shot the next morning, and it said it was sold out. “I got the last one!” I squealed to Mr. P. And I eagerly awaited its arrival.

But the title of this post means you already know how this ends, right? You know this rug didn’t work out. You think it didn’t fit, or it was the wrong color, or maybe even it got damaged in shipment somehow. But you’d be wrong.

This was my first sign of things to come, a few days after no activity on my UPS tracking number.


The Rugs USA website still said my order had shipped, so I contacted them with a “uh, hey, what’s up with that?” message. It took a few more days before I received this response:


But... but... you sold me that rug! You let me go all the way through checkout and billed my credit card and even sent me a freaking shipment confirmation for a rug that YOU DID NOT HAVE. I mean. I mean! I can’t even.

To Rugs USA’s credit (the only thing to their credit), they did apologize (if perfunctorily) and refund my credit card payment quickly. But still. It’s so not cool.

Because, you see, I am so slow to commit to actually ordering something. I don’t order it until I know I want it. And when I want it, it’s time to have it. So to search for such a long time, find the perfect solution (right design, right size, right price), commit to it, be relieved that I can finally stop searching, and then wait two weeks for it... only to find out they sold me something they didn’t have? I’m not going to lie, I’m really sore about it. It deserves a bit of public shaming.

Still, I did feel a little weird about bad-mouthing Rugs USA here on the blog.... until this cherry-on-top that I received last night.


So yes. I am angry. But mostly disappointed. I’m not so furious that I won’t purchase from Rugs USA again – they didn’t take my money (JUST MY HEART), and I’m still pleased with my first steal of a rug. But I do have a lingering bad taste in my mouth, and I’m definitely lowering my expectations in the future. And, of course, I’m telling you how it is dealing with them, dear reader... and any potential googlers, wondering about ordering from Rugs USA.

Ah well. Lessons, they are learned! And I’m trying to look on the bright side. That $110 refunded to my credit card is 1/6 of the way towards Catherine herself.

Someday, my pretty. Someday.


Tina said...

I didn't know you were shopping for a new rug. I'd attach a picture of mine here if I knew how... I'll email it. A month or so ago got the 5x8 Aristocrat from homedecorators.com for $199 with free shipping AND a free Rug Pad to boot - but you do have to watch for the occasional free offers to come around. I got the rust red but it also comes in beige. Here you go: http://www.homedecorators.com/P/Aristocrat_Rug/110/
They also have $-$$ off offers that will help cover the shipping if you're impatient (which is the deal I took with the dining room rug.)
As you maybe can tell, I am well-pleased HDC. I'll leave the latest catalog at your house for you, too. :-)