05 December 2013

A big announcement

I now interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post for a very special announcement!

I’ve got big news, dear readers. Something I’ve waited a while to share with you, and something I’ve been super excited to tell you! I can’t keep it a secret, as I’m sure will be an upcoming focus of the blog. I just needed to make sure everything was real before letting you dear readers know.

No, Team P is not having a baby.

We are having an IKEA.

Oh. Em. (deep breath) GEE.


Let’s back up. My love of IKEA has been well-documented throughout many posts here on the blog. I’ve told you about my favorite purchases, and I’ve recounted entire trips here and here. I don’t need to dig up links to prove my deep adoration for IKEA, as you’re probably sick of hearing about it already.

Given this IKEA love, it’s been rather unfortunate that the two cities I’ve lived in, Nashville and St. Louis, are hours away from an IKEA. When I was living in Nashville and looking for my next job, I actually placed higher value on cities with an IKEA. Everyone has their priorities. Granted, I actually took the job in IKEA-less St. Louis over an offer in IKEA-adjacent Austin. So maybe IKEA isn’t top priority, but the fact that I could’ve taken a job in a city with an IKEA has always stung a little.

When we lived in Nashville, the IKEA rumors swirled, and it’s been no different here in St. Louis. I tended to ignore them, because most of the sources seemed to trace back to “wishful thinking” or “this one person who thinks we should have an IKEA and therefore we will”. The most laughable was this article, written last March by a blogger in my neighborhood. She cited the claims that IKEA execs were scouting a location about a mile from our apartment, in midtown St. Louis. I figured that even if IKEA were planning to build in St. Louis, they’d put their mammoth building out in one of the many sprawling county suburbs, not in the rough and crowded heart of St. Louis City.

Well. This is the best kind of being wrong.

Let me put this in perspective for you. Rather, let me put it in my perspective. My perspective from our apartment and the other salient locations in my life.

I am stunned. Although we live in a trendy dual-function neighborhood, there’s nary a large commercial center to be seen. We have adorable boutique shops and restaurants and one strip mall with a grocery and, like, a Radio Shack. Currently, the nearest Target is ten minutes away, alongside the Trader Joe’s and World Market and all the other stores IKEA would belong with. The fact that it’s going to be built in our neighborhood is delightful and ridiculous.

Do you know what this means? Having an IKEA just down the road means I can visit it on weeknights, avoiding the weekend suburban crowds. Not only will I get to visit IKEA more than once per year, I can visit every week if I want. Every day. You guys, I can decide I want a new $2 plastic cutting board and IKEA will literally be the closest place to purchase one.

It blows my mind so much, I’m having trouble believing it.

The store is slated to open in Fall 2015, a year after the Kansas City IKEA that I was trying and failing to get super excited about. That’s still a ways away, but I expect we’ll still be here in 2015 (especially given my recent good news about likely job security).

So I’ve got a couple years to wait... and dream... and make shopping lists. Let’s see, I need a HEMNES dresser, a few BRIMNES wardrobes, some GOSA pillows, maybe a RENS or two...


Tina said...

And Ikea has all that adorable and well-thought out baby furniture, too. :-)

Karen said...

Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Doubt me, will you??? However, you failed to add the addition of Whole Foods in the same general area, which should totally keep you in the STL for quite some time!!! Just think. You will also be able to add to your list of "why I/we like it here", the 250th birthday of St. Louis. Party, shop, party, shop!

Janice said...

Tina's comment made me laugh out loud, literally :)
Having Ikea aso close is actually a mixed blessing! Can visit often, but leave the credit, checks, and cash AT HOME. You may find you tell your boss to just make this month's check out to IKEA if you aren't careful ha ha ha Nah, not you. You're careful! I'm just joshing with you. Mostly cause I'm incredibly jealous. We don't have Target, Trader Joes, OR IKEA! I drive 60 min just to get to a decent mall,50 min just to go to Costco! You've got it good! :)

Mary Beth said...

Yayyy!!! (ok, definitely thought you were going to say you were pregnant, but this is pretty exciting, too) I've still never been an IKEA ...