18 December 2013

A few of my favorite things

Now that we have a tree, how’s about we fill out the bottom with some presents?

That’s right. It’s gift wrapping time!

I will never stop loving that video.

In years past, I’ve showed you how I used either metallic kraft paper or regular Target wrapping paper with my fluffy tulle bows to wrap our presents. I’m also super fond of custom gift tags, either hand-stamped or ones I design myself!

But this year I decided to go in a totally different direction with my gift wrapping. No fluffy tulle bows, no sparkles. Instead...

Brown paper packages tied up with string, y’all!

Yup, I ordered a massive (MASSIVE) roll of kraft paper from Amazon and used it to wrap presents. If you’re looking for something similar, I got this kind. It’s great for gift wrap!

And then, yes, I totally succumbed to the baker’s twine trend by ordering this giant roll of the stuff. I cannot help it! It is adorbs! I am living the dream, the dream being giving presents wrapped in baker’s twine!

(No affiliate links here, promise. I run my mouth around here for FREE.)

Spending $35 on gift wrap isn’t the cheapest way to go, but considering I have enough kraft paper and baker’s twine for the next five Christmases, it’s a decent deal.

But then there’s the little issue of bows. I already told you that I can’t tie a pretty bow unless it’s made of tulle (and that’s only because I can cheat by fluffing). So my solution? NO BOWS. I know, crazy! I used this image as my inspiration...

... and made a bunch of big black-and-white gift tags.

Circles, of course. Because apparently I have lots of time to cut out perfect circles!

I did sneak in a tiny bit of metallic by writing the recipient’s name with my gold paint pen (last seen making knockoff Ballard mirrors and fake metal frame corners). Then it was just a matter of wrapping string around the box a few times, the more haphazard, the better. Then I just tied a small bow or taped it in place (no knots to slow down package opening!) and stuck the label on top. Done!

You guys, I love how our presents are wrapped. LOVE! Like after every single present wrapped, I’d hold it out and say, “Look, Mr. P! Look! I love it! Look at how pretty it is! Look!” He’d nod approvingly each time because he is just way too nice.

But you guys, brown paper packages tied up with string are so easy. I don’t have to deal with double-wrapping with thin wrapping paper, and I don’t have to fuss over tying a bow that I know will get squished the second I load the presents in the car. They’re basic and beautiful in their simplicity.

Basic, simple, beautiful. Definitely a few of my favorite things!


Janice said...

HOLY MOLY I almost did the exact same thing this year for wrapping packages (well not with the awesome red/white baker twine)! Then I went to the basement to find my butcher paper and ran head-long into my garbage can (yes I admit it's a non-used 16+gal garbage can) filled with Christmas wrapping paper I'd picked up on the cheap for several years following Christmas! Well, howdee doo, THIS was my wrapping paper for this year :) Since most of our packages get mailed, I usually don't do bows. Instead I used Christmas seals (you know, the ones from the Lung Association) to attach the hand made tag to the package :) done. Not the prettiest package but effective nonetheless. Now if only I had remembered to put the note INTO the box/envelop before I shipped off the gift, I would have totally nailed this gift giving! ;)