23 December 2013

Eats Drinks: candy cane vodka

Here it is, dear readers! It’s Christmas week! Hopefully you’re off work, hopefully you’re settled in where you’re spending your holiday, hopefully you finally have time to enjoy Christmas schmaltz and BREATHE.

Breathe. Breathe.

It’s time to relax, as far as I’m concerned. Which means you should probably have a seat with a drink in your hand. So, like last year, I thought I’d share a quick drink recipe right before Christmas. A seasonal drink that will help you celebrate and is very, very easy to prepare.

Enter: candy cane vodka!

You’ve seen a gajillion candy cane vodka recipes all over the internets. That’s because it’s tasty to drink and simple to make. I can make it, you can make it, everyone can make it!

You just need bacon grease and broccolini. Ha, NO. You need candy canes and vodka!

I used the remains of a bottle of Smirnoff I’ve had since graduate school and mini candy canes I nabbed from a pile of leftover Christmas candy at work... in January of this past year. The point is, the ingredients don’t have to be fancy.

You don’t have to be fancy to break up the candy canes, either. Tracy Shutterbean (among others) uses a food processor to grind the candy canes into a fine dust. But you don’t need to! I just crunched them up with a rolling pin within the wrappers.

Watch out for the wrapper tearing and little sticky crumbs coming out. No bigs... just something to scoop off your counter when you’re done breaking them into pieces.

As for the pieces still in the wrapper, transfer them into a small jar. Festive nail polish is not necessary but a definite bonus!

Then add vodka and swirl. How much vodka? I have no idea! Just... vodka! However much you want!

Okay, fine. I used eight mini candy canes and eight ounces of vodka. But I really don’t think it matters. If you like candy canes, use a lot! If you’re just wanting a teensy bit of mint, go easy on the canes. Or... go heavy on the vodka.

At first it’ll have big chunks, but it’ll dissolve soon enough – the tinier the pieces, the faster it’ll dissolve. Mine was almost done in a couple of hours. I bet if you’re patient enough, you could skip breaking the candy canes into pieces altogether!

(Please note that’s an entirely different coating of snow outside our window taken only a few days later. The weather outside is frightful.)

And as soon as it’s that insane red color, without little bits floating around, it is good to GO. Add it to your hot cocoa! Use it to spike your peppermint tea! Or mix it with some tonic for a cocktail worthy of holiday cheer!

Tis the season for Christmas spirits, y’all. Enjoy!


Janice said...

Great idea! Would not have thought of doing that. Have a wonderful and RESTFUL week ahead!!