10 December 2013

The gift that keeps on giving

There’s just two weeks until Christmas (WHAT) and, per usual, I haven’t really finished getting all our Christmas presents. There’s this thing to order and that thing to grab from the store and ahhhh I have to ship these somewhere too? WHY DO I LET THIS HAPPEN EVERY YEAR?

This last-minute gift grab is one of the reasons why I love giving subscriptions as gifts. It takes pressure off to have the gift in-hand on Christmas day! The other big reason is that I freaking love getting gifts that I’ll enjoy long after Christmas, so I figure everyone else would love that as well. You wanna give me tickets to something in June? That’s awesome, I’ll appreciate those tickets even more on a day that I’m not getting seven other presents.

This love of subscription presents is why I bought myself something back in October to enjoy for months to come. I thought I’d tell you about just in case you’re needing a gift idea for someone with Nashville roots, or if you’re from the area and want to share the wonderfulness that is Nashville elsewhere in the country! And that wonderfulness is Batch Nashville.

If I were a more entrepreneurial blogger, I’d have contacted the company and asked for a free subscription, or at least told them I was writing this, so they’d send me stuff or send YOU stuff or... maybe just say thank you for a nice review and free publicity? But no. I bought this with my own money, I loved it, and I wanted to tell you about it (even without the company knowing) in time for you to share it with someone you love!

Here’s how it works: you buy a subscription (it’s about $30/month), and they send you a curated box of Nashville-made goodies each month. You don’t know what you’re getting until you open it. And while that could be a gamble, I’ve been delighted the last few months!

I got my first box back in Thanksgiving, and they won me over the second I opened it with a handwritten note:

In addition to that first handwritten hello, all Batch Nashville boxes have a card that explains the theme, the goodies inside, and the purveyors that create them. November’s box, as you can see, was based entirely on “Comfort Food”.

All the goodies were edible, except for the tea towel with “Thanks Y’all” printed on it! I swear, moving away from the south has made me even more of a southerner. I just can’t get enough.

As for the edible goodies, there was beer bread mix, sweet & spicy pickles, pumpkin spice cookies, and cake pops.

The beer bread mix went all the way to Phoenix for our Thanksgiving celebration! But Mr. P and I kept the rest of the snacks to ourselves and nommed throughout November. Sorry, fam.

Just when we finished enjoying our November box, the other day we received our December box! I basically squealed the whole way through opening it, starting with the Tennessee outline to greet me right away:

That’s a set of Batch-produced cards, with six different designs, all of which I want to frame and keep for myself instead of sending away.

Also in this month’s Batch box: a downloadable album of Christmas music made by a Nashville artist, a Tennessee ornament handmade by a Nashville pottery company, and the most delightful gift tags created by a Nashville photographer/graphic designer:

Again with the more-southern-after-leaving-the-south: I LOVE THESE.

I mean they came with their own twine. It will be so hard to decide who gets these gift tags!

And of course, there were edible goodies too: whiskey caramel popcorn, and chocolate peppermint cookies.

Opening my Batch box feels like I gave a personal shopper permission go through a Farmer’s Market and spend a bit of my money. It’s totally luxurious and one of my most favorite days in the month. I can’t wait for my January box, and I’ll definitely be continuing my Batch subscription after that.

Of course, there are other subscription-based gifts if you’re not really a Nashville sort of person (although, why wouldn’t you want to be?). Apparently there are a few with a similar concept from New York, here and here. There are boxes from Kentucky, Cape Cod, and the Bay Area. I know of several ladies who love their Birchbox of beauty goodies. Even your pups can have a subscription box. There’s basically a subscription box service for anything you can want!

So if you’re stumped for a Christmas gift this year (both giving OR letting others know what you want), maybe Batch Nashville or another subscription box would be up your alley! Just maybe try to avoid the Jelly of the Month club, ok?


Tina said...

Ron would be just fine with a jelly-of-the-month subscription. It has sugar, dudn't it? ;-)

BeccaTay said...

OMG. I want this. I miss Nashville so much! What a great idea :)

Stephen said...

Thanks Tina! Happy to be your "personal shopper" any day :)