21 January 2014

Ain't no party like a Sherlock party

So, about those beaker- and flask-shaped cookies I made. Why exactly was I making science-themed cookies? I mean, that’s kinda weird, right?

Well, I could answer that saying that my stepsister has quite a fondness for jokey math and science stocking stuffers. We also have miniature beaker shot glasses and math formula ice cube trays.

Cute enough. But just owning those items still doesn’t explain why I was making science-themed cookies and math-shaped ice.

Well, they came in handy for a party we had this weekend. What sort of party (besides an exceptionally nerdy one)? Well, here’s a hint from my Instagram:

Still no idea?

SHERLOCK, Y’ALL! Obviously! Because you read post titles!

On Sunday, the incredibly long wait (TWO YEARS) between the second and third seasons of the show ended here with in the U.S. premiere of the BBC show. Finally! And because my coworkers and I are absolutely obsessed with it, I decided to have a watch party here at our apartment, complete with science cookies and math ice! (Ok, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but I thought the ice was very mind-palace-y. Like your gin & tonic would be deducing something for you.)

I did a few other fun mini-projects to get ready for the party, so I thought I’d share them with you today! First, I transformed our apartment address to one more appropriate for the show:

I just printed out the address numbers from a Word document and colored them with my gold paint pen. Then, just a bit of double-stick tape helped complete the project:

For food, I asked guests to bring their favorite English-themed food. We ended up with shepherd’s pie, scones, and English hard cider, among other treats! In addition to the cookies, I provided veggies, drinks including classic gin & tonics, and bangers and mash (I just made mashed potatoes and topped them with oven-broiled sausages – easy peasy). But when it comes to sheer creativity, I was most proud of the snacks I put out in the living room:

Wait for it.... wait for it....

Goldfish crackers and potato chips...

GoldFISH.... and CHIPS...

YES! Fish and chips! OMG I love puns.

Finally, my favorite project of all – one I already showed you at the top. I decided to make a wall of our apartment into the living room wall from 221B!

This project came about totally accidentally. I was in Party City hoping to score a deerstalker (nope, they don’t have any, ugh), and when I went around a corner, there was a roll of wrapping paper lying on the floor across the aisle. Normally I’d just walk around it, but because I was in Sherlock mode, I realized, hey, that’s similar to the wallpaper in Sherlock and John’s flat on the show. And if I got some yellow paint for the smiley face... hmmm...

One stop at Hobby Lobby later, and I was in business!

Total cost: $4 for the wrapping paper, $1 for the paint. I can totally get behind a cheap party project!

I first measured the wall to figure out exactly how high I’d want the smiley face, then rolled the paper out on the foyer floor so I could paint with protective plastic under the paper.

After the smiley dried, I taped the paper up on the wall with frog tape:

It’s held up really well! And hopefully... hopefully it will come off cleanly. (Because, uh, maybe I haven’t taken it down off my wall yet.) I didn’t bother to disguise the green tape because, honestly, nobody looks up that high. It’s not nearly as obvious as it looks in the photo in real life!

I had to layer the paper to cover the wall completely, and the pattern didn’t really line up easily. I tried shifting it around on the floor before taping it up, but there was no easy way to make it work with the width of the wall. So I just went with it, and again, it wasn’t really that obvious in real life.

I’m really pleased with how it came out!

And it was even funnier to watch our guests react to it. At first they’d just think, oh, Sarah is experimenting with some wallpaper. Then they’d notice the smiley face and think I’d defaced my walls... and THEN they’d make the connection to the 221B flat. And I’d giggle and clap every time, because I am obnoxiously proud of my silly projects.

It was especially fun to document it in my costume for the night:

Oh yes, we dressed in costume! We had a John Watson (Mr. P), a Mrs. Hudson, a Moriarty, a Molly Hooper, and a (clothed) Irene Adler at our party. Plus one misguided journalist... me, Kitty Riley! This may be the geekiest thing I’ve ever done, but I don’t even care because it was SO MUCH FUN.

I didn’t take photos during the party, unfortunately, so there’s not any photographic evidence of all the food, of the bar spread, or of everyone’s costumes. BUT, the reason I didn’t take any photos is because I was enjoying myself so dang much. Which is just how a party should be!

It’s also worth mentioning that some of the guests had never really watched Sherlock before... but after watching two episodes here, they’re completely sold. So if I haven’t convinced you yet to jump on the Sherlock bandwagon, it’s not too late! All of Season 1 and 2 are on Netflix, and you can catch the mini webisode between Seasons 2 and 3 here. We’re now in the middle of Season 3 on PBS, so join in the fun! Oh, and if you’re already playing along, here’s a guide to help you through the most recent episode. The game is on!


Tina said...

Fun! Wish I had thought of it myself! And wish I had caught your Sunday phone call to know that this was going on at your house while I was watching it too. :-)
FFR(For Future Reference)a diy facsimile deerstalker can be achieved by wearing one ball cap backwards and another the "right" way... just saying.
I loved the show and am so excited it's back. Surely it can't have been 2 years in-between. But then it's been even longer than that that I've been to my own mind palace... heh heh heh
Mechelle must be made aware of your use of her thoughtful gifts. Where is your Lego scientist???