17 January 2014

Photo Friday #134: school days

Yesterday morning I rolled out of bed, stumbled into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee, and stopped short to stare blankly out the bay window. Huh? Everything is.... white? Is that... is that snow? Am I dreaming? Did I just time travel and wake up one week ago? Two? Three?

Yes, it snowed again. I didn’t know about it because nobody was talking about, and nobody was talking about it because it wasn’t another freaking foot of snow. Indeed, it was barely more than a dusting – perhaps an inch? – but I am so snow fatigued, the tiniest bit is too much, TOO SOON.

I am also fatigued from photos of all the snow and ice. So instead, here is a picture from fall.

It’s actually appropriate to share this week, seasonal dissonance aside. Classes started up again this week, and I’m actually enrolled in a few pedagogy courses. There are a few amazing things about this: one, I actually am going to school on a campus that looks like THIS. And two, I have a Ph.D. and yet I still can’t stop taking classes.


Janice said...

If it's any comfort you are not alone in the "I'm sick of snow" mantra ;) Plenty of people on campus were muttering those words today as we got more snow. Add to that the "Canadian Clipper" heading our way to put us back into historically low temps has all of us thinking about packing it in and heading somewhere south. ;)