24 January 2014

Photo Friday #135: a quiet corner

It seems that the only thing for which I have patience is buying furniture. I will apparently wait for-freaking-ever to find the perfect credenza for the office. I can see it in my head. It is medium-toned wood, with spindly legs, not too long or too many curves, and there is some serious storage space. Also it costs nearly nothing, because if I’m dreaming, why not?

In the meantime, though, I ended up re-styling this little corner of the house.

Oh, come on. We both knew that turquoise couldn’t last. Since when has my home been anything but a melange of neutrals and metal finishes?

Funny thing about having so much patience to wait for the perfect furniture, though. If you wait long enough... you’ll start to enjoy that corner of your home just the way it is.


Tina said...

Ah-ha-ha! But I am sorta saddened that it's happening to you, too. It's what happens when you start getting, dare I say, emotionally attached to your "junk" furniture... I am, of course, speaking from personal experience here. It begins to get very much like the things you want to hang on your walls - that they meeeean something to you. And that sweet little once-upon-a-time desk/make-up table/stylized display platform will more than likely transform once again to meet some other function in your home - until you really can't stand it anymore. Yep. It happens to the best of us... ;-)
And it is what makes your home Yours.<3

Rachel C said...

What is the large picture of? It feels like it has some history or a story.

Sarah said...

@Tina, oh don't worry, the little desk won't go away. I have another spot for it! I just want a credenza in THIS spot first!

@Rachel, the large photo is my grandpa (the little one, with his tongue sticking out) and his brother! The original photo is adorbs. I actually have this photo in my house twice (the other one is in my bathroom) because I just love it so dang much!