31 January 2014

Photo Friday #136: brunch evangelism

I feel like my enthusiasm for brunch on this blog is vastly underrepresented, considering how much brunch is one of my most favorite things to do in the world. I mentioned it here and here, but that’s nothing compared to my real-world raving about brunch.

Brunch is the best way to spend a Sunday morning outside of church. Brunch is a reason to drink champagne before noon. Brunch is relaxed, no-distractions time with Mr. P. Brunch is way cheaper than dinner at fancy restaurants. Basically, everything is right in the world when we go out for brunch.

I enjoy brunch at the best of times, sure. But Mr. P and I both are working twelve-hour days and weekends lately, and the seemingly endless cold weather just compounds the dreariness. So the sunny brunch at a nearby café we enjoyed last weekend... was... like a slice of heaven.

Man, I could really go for brunch right about now.