06 January 2014

Snow day 2014

A little less than a year ago, I abandoned the regularly scheduled post for a snow day night.

Well. Those six inches ain’t got nothing on this.

St. Louis got nearly a foot of snow in a single day yesterday (record-breaking), and the cold temperatures today are unreal (also record-breaking). Mr. P and I braved the snow to walk three blocks to Mass yesterday, and I took photos all along the way. Because, as I told him, this better be one of the only blizzard-like storms I experience in my life.

There were a few snowballs along the way, yes. But do you see the snow blowing off the trees in the background?! Geez louise.

They did try to plow the parking lot, but it was pretty futile, due to the wind blowing snowdrifts around.

And our footprints heading to church were nearly gone by the time we walked back home from church, too, thanks to the wind and the inch of snow accumulating every hour.

I gotta admit: it was kinda fun. And pretty!

It was a little insane trying to walk in the snowdrifts at times.

And getting up the stairs to our apartment was perhaps the craziest of all. Because... what stairs? I just see a 15” snowdrift covering a hill.

But I’m glad we were out in it in the morning, and not later. That’s when the wind picked up even more to blow around the snow. It was hard to capture in a photo, but maybe you can see it blowing off our landlady’s garage. Just imagine it doing that in the air, nonstop.

And with the temps today, this isn’t just pretty... it’s pretty treacherous.

Thank goodness we only had to be out in the weather for a short while. Thank goodness we have a warm home and plenty of food (are you stranded? hungry? Casa P is open for houseguests!). Thank goodness we have warm winter coats and gloves. And mostly, thank goodness it will melt later this week!


Janice said...

Not sure which is my favorite season to photograph: autumn or winter! Some beautiful scenes in both of those seasons.
Glad you and Mr. P. are safe and warm. Remember, "this too shall pass". :) Helps you appreciate that beautiful spring walk to work when flowers begin to bloom. Here's hoping you did not have to walk to work today and Mr. P. had a snow day too. Like you I tried to capture the blowing snow but it ended up looking more like a blurry shot that blowing snow ha. Keep warm!