15 January 2014

The foyer rug hunt, part two

For better or worse, one of my more-heavily-trafficked recent posts is this one about the foyer rug I bought that didn’t exist.

Well, more accurately, it probably existed somewhere, at some time. But not in such a way that I could actually receive it after paying money for it.

I admit that I feel a bit of guilt for speaking poorly of Rugs USA publicly, when in fact, half of my experience buying from them was great. The first rug was good quality, an amazing deal, arrived quickly, and you know... actually existed.

But if I’m being honest in that post about my experience (and I am), and if that post is highly read because others are wondering if they should purchase from Rugs USA or if their bad experience is unique... well, then it needs to be out there. Because I’m still really, really annoyed with Rugs USA. I’m annoyed every time I walk through my foyer over the IKEA placeholder rug I was trying to replace.

Remember how bad it was? It’s bad. So dingy and small and bad.

But. I have an update today. And guess what: there is a happy ending! A happy ending that doesn’t involve Rugs USA in the slightest!

I HAVE A NEW FOYER RUG. And, AND! It’s similar to the previous rug I tried to buy! But BETTER!

I lucked out by finding it at HomeGoods. I always hear stories of people finding great rugs at HomeGoods, and I’m insanely jealous because I never find the perfect rugs at HomeGoods. But this time it was my turn! At $300, it wasn’t the deal of the century, but I’ve shopped and researched enough to know that it’s a reasonable price for its size.

My new rug also has the same low chenille pile as the rug I originally wanted:

I wanted chenille not only because it’s crazy soft, but also because – get this – chenille shows footprints. Because of the way the pile lays, it sometimes looks like it has dark patches and light patches. It never looks perfect, which means when it gets dirty or worn here or there, or when I inevitably drip coffee on it, you’ll never know.

And speaking of looking worn, I actually like this rug more than the one I tried to buy. The one from Rugs USA was that on-trend style where the print is faux-worn (you can see it in the image above). I wasn’t sure about the trend, and Mr. P straight-up didn’t like it. This rug is just a normal printed rug! The tans, grays, and browns within the black keep it from being too high-contrast without actually pretending to be worn.

Plus, while it’s neutral, the gray is bluish and the tan is greenish. So if you’re not looking closely, you almost see color in it! My favorite sort of neutrals!

One of the reasons I was super-sore about losing out on the rug from Rugs USA was that its dimensions were more square than standard. The foyer is super-square, such that a 5x8 is way too narrow and small, but a 9x12 is too long (at its widest, the foyer is just eleven feet and change).

So I was super nervous about getting this rug because of its dimensions, but also its size. The card on the rug from HomeGoods said that it was approximately 9’6” by 11’2”. The more-square dimensions were great, but I was worried it’d be too long. I only knew our foyer couldn’t accommodate a 12’ rug, but I couldn’t remember just how wide it was (and since I wasn’t specifically shopping for a rug, I hadn’t measured recently). And it just seemed so freaking GIANT in the store, looming over me.

After waffling for a while, I finally called Mr. P. He was away from home, so he couldn’t measure the foyer for me. Nonetheless, I needed to confirm that a large purchase was okay with him (this was well over our agreed-upon $100 spending “limit” that didn’t require consultation with the other). But I also needed to let him know that I might be purchasing a large item – price-wise and physically – that we might have to wrangle back to the store. Fortunately he was supportive!

So I went ahead and got it, figuring that at least I could return it in-store (as opposed to a rug bought online). Still... I was biting my nails all the way home. Once again, I’d fallen in love with a rug that I was afraid wouldn’t work out.

But fortunately, this time, I wasn’t heartbroken! Thank goodness for Mr. P’s encouragement!

Yes, I really was rolling around on the rug with my wine. This is love.

And here’s just what a tight fit it is:

Literally an inch to spare on either side! I know that interior design gurus will say that you need about a foot of space between the wall and the rug, but I’m sorry, only a custom rug could accommodate that rule. This rug FITS and that’s all I wanted. Totally meant to be!

Here’s a few more shots of the new rug and how it works in our space.

(I’ve almost trained myself to ignore the pink walls... almost.)

Admittedly, the positioning of the console was a bit tricky. I wanted to center it on the wall, but both feet needed to fit on the rug. It’s close! And the fact that it hits the outer edges of the console and the door to the kitchen helps to balance it a bit.

Neutral and fairly traditional... of course, it fits right in.

It’s been a long time looking for a foyer rug, dear readers! I’m grateful the hunt ended well, but I’m equally glad that it’s over! If you need me, I’ll be working on the few remaining projects in the foyer... or maybe I’ll be rolling around on my rug, wine in hand. Real life.


Anonymous said...

Love your Home Goods rug. Can you tell me who makes this rug? Thanks

Sarah said...

@Anon, I SO wish I could! There's absolutely no tag or identifying information on it to indicate manufacturer (kinda par for the course for HomeGoods, I'm afraid). The best I can do is an item number hand-written in sharpie marker underneath one corner: 23-097780-300. Googling that doesn't yield me anything, but it's all I've got. Sorry!