28 January 2014

The latest January organization victim: the painting supplies drawer

So, how about it? Have you reorganized a drawer, a closet, an unwieldy space in your home yet? Or have you just quickly scrolled through these posts with a bit of resentment that I won’t stop talking about cleaning out and straightening up?

If you’re the former, high five! If you’re the latter... well, maybe keep scrolling.

Last week I told you how I reorganized my craft drawer of chaos into something more manageable and less subject to entropy:

Today I’m venturing one whole drawer down... to the paint supplies!

In the old house, I kept the paint supplies in, of all places, the television stand in our bedroom. Nowadays, I can make use of the large cabinetry to store my painting supplies (making room for my near-inexhaustible supply of black photo frames in the television stand). But just because I’m storing the supplies in a new place doesn’t mean that they’re any more organized.

Like the craft drawer, I basically dumped the supplies in with little organization, or thought at all, when we first moved in. Downward spiral of chaos at the ready! Honestly, it’s hard enough to get a painting project done around here without worrying about digging out all the proper supplies.

As in any organization project, the first step is to dump everything out where you can see it and sort it.

In this case, I realized I had several brushes I no longer need or want. When I was painting my first room in our house (nearly EIGHT YEARS ago, OMG) I bought a bunch of special painting tools. I didn’t know any better. I thought special corner-edging brushes were super important, as were these special blue painter’s tape corners.

Uh, no. If you know anything about my painting technique, you’ll know that I am a masterful cutter-inner (and you can be too). And yet I’ve still carried around these dumb tools for years! I tossed the corner-edger (which is ridiculous, I can’t believe I bought it) but I admit, I kept the wall-edger... only because it had a brand-new, unused pad. Still: I’m putting you on notice, wall-edger.

I also tossed this old paint, originally mixed for the trellis canvas art:

Two and half years later, that paint is separated and STINKY. Be gone!

Sorting also made me realize exactly how many bottles of gold craft paint and paint can keys I own.

Far too many. Note to self: paint more things with gold paint, and... open... more... paint cans?

Anyway. Once I’d tossed out the old and impractical stuff, I sorted the remainder. To combat future clutter, just as in any organization project, I realized that the right containers would be key. And guess what – I just so happened to have a LOT of white plastic baskets leftover from the recent bathroom organization project! Of course, they required a bit of cleaning up, because after living on the bathroom floor they were DISGUSTING.

I’m so sorry.

After a good disinfecting scrub, I filled one basket with brushes and another with craft paint. The existing red basket was filled with tools and miscellaneous supplies, and the rollers and pans were stored together to the side!

And the glass frosting was just kind of.... there. Not unlike the paper cutter in the craft drawer. Ah well, maybe that’ll be included in the next paint organization project (of the actual paint itself)! For now, at least my painting supplies are good to go.

So that’s two drawers down, a whole wall of cabinetry to go! I swear, once you organize one area, it makes everything looks disorganized in comparison. Say... is there such thing as a downward spiral of organization obsession?