22 January 2014

The living room shelves gain a little style

Back at the beginning of this month, I mentioned in my 2014 intentions post that I’d tackled our bookcase clutter this year.

Reader Rachel, who by now has established herself as the eagle-eyediest of the eagle-eyed readers, noticed that I’d made a few changes since the first time I showed you those bookshelves, back in... whoa. Back in October 2012!

I didn’t even realize how different they are until I saw those two photos side-by-side. There’s no time in the last fifteen months that I said, “Ok, today I will style my bookshelves!” It’s just little changes – a new frame here, switching out a few books there – that I’ll often do without even consciously planning to do so. And over the last year-plus, it’s added up to a lot of changes!

Rachel requested a better look at the goodies on these shelves, so here’s a quick little tour of what’s on display!

Even though I dismantled the Rifle Paper calendar for prints in the guest room, I couldn’t quite put the rest of it away. Below that, we’ve got my doorknocker art along with my favorite original art ever.

Next to that, we’ve got...

Mr. P’s favorite flowchart, a bowl I found at the thrift shop, and my wine cork collection, which has considerably expanded now that we live in a state that allows wine sold in grocery stores. Oh, and that quirky little wooden conductor. I can’t decide if it’s delightful or incredibly beyond uncool, but either way, it always has a home on my shelves. As for that roll in the corner, I’ll get to that in a moment!

On the far right:

There’s my antique camera collection, with two from each of my and Mr. P’s grandpas, and a Brownie I scored at the antique mall. I’ve also got our owl bookends, a Cancún souvenir, and this fantastic print. I can’t find a large version of the print to purchase, so I just printed it out myself – anyone able to find it for sale?

Just below that is one of my favorite honeymoon souvenirs:

We wrote a postcard to mail to ourselves from our Rome, and I slipped it in a frame when we received it at home. I haven’t read the back of it in a few years, but I know I’ll enjoy taking it out and reading our honeymoon-note-to-ourselves for years to come! And it’s holding down a little tatted hanky that belonged to my grandmother, I think. It’s delicate and lovely.

There’s another honeymoon souvenir in the shelf next to it – a lemon marmalade jar – plus a clay bowl I made in a little pottery class in high school. (The one on the right, clearly. The one on the left is clearly above my skill set.)

You might notice all those brass bookends throughout the shelves. My mom apparently had quite the collection, which she recently passed along to me.

This corner could use a little bit of work, but for now I’m happy with the photo of my grandmother when she was a young woman. She’s the only family member I really look like!

So while I still haven’t really mastered the art of shelf-styling, it has much improved from where it started! But there are still many projects to come. The boxes at the bottom hold all our DVDs and CDs, and they badly need some sorting and organizing.

Obviously, I’d still like to trim it out so it looks like a single large unit. I haven’t even really drawn up plans for it, but it’s still on my radar, promise! And if/when I do that (or maybe even without trimming it out), I have this project for the back:

A roll of wallpaper, also found at the thrift shop! There’s just enough to cover the square footage on the backs of the shelves, and I think making the pattern continuous across the three units will really make it more cohesive. The background is slightly off-white, but I think I can make it work with the true-white shelves. Neutrals always go with neutrals, right?

So that’s where they are today! Fingers crossed I can conquer those projects and share them with you, sometime within the next millennium!


Rachel C said...

Is the wall paper to replace the painted backs? What's brought about the change? I love the styling. And thanks for the detailed post!

Sarah said...

Yes, Rachel, I'd like to replace the painted backs with wallpaper. And as for WHY I'm changing it... I dunno, character? For the challenge? Something to keep me off the streets? Because I don't have enough black and white in my house? All of the above, I suppose! :)