04 February 2014

DIY: aquarium stand skirt, take two

It’s funny now, looking back, that I only realized our foyer is a foyer just over six months ago. Because of course it’s a foyer, right? How did we live so long with it any other way?

One of the reasons it feels like “it’s always been that way” is because of the sheer number of foyer-related projects I’ve done in the last half a year. There’s the curtains, the new rug, the landing strip, and of course the art – thrifted, printed, and painted myself. Honestly, for awhile I felt as though I was stumbling blindly into decorating this room without much of a vision. Fortunately, the projects started to come together in a room I really like!

Once I get that vision, I can make a very specific to-do list of projects to get the room where I can see it’s going. And for awhile, I’ve had this project on my list:

Oh, the aquarium skirt. Mr. P still dislikes it all these years later, as I presume it gets in the way of using his fish buckets. Remember the plastic fish buckets?

“Oh, I love how you accessorized with plastic fish buckets!” said no interior decorator ever.

And so, the skirt remains. Only problem: the bright avocado green color, while fabulous in our old dining room, was looking more and more out of place in this foyer full of soft neutrals. Because the aquarium is the first thing you see when entering our home, I want it at the top of its game. Time for a replacement!

I’m in pattern-mixing mode these days, so I didn’t go for a solid color. Instead I went for the neutral-of-patterns: stripes. Better yet: green ticking stripes I already owned!

Yup, the same fabric currently gracing our bathroom counter and window. Cohesion FTW!

I already walked you through making the panels for the aquarium skirt, so by now you’re familiar with my heat-and-bonding ways. I also showed you how I attached the old skirt, complete with awkward triple-chin photo angle. Stapling the panels to the underside was just as awkward this time, I assure you.

(Yup, there are nets stashed back there too. This skirt hides all sorts of fishy business!)

(Fishy business? Eh? Oh, come on.)

The finished product, as you might imagine, looks an awful lot like the other skirt I made for the bathroom with the same fabric and stapled up to hide unsightly yet functional necessities. But that’s a good thing, because the ticking stripe plays so nicely in here too!

Sun-washed neutrals, my favorite sort of room.

The view when you enter our apartment feels a lot more cozy and comfortable now, too.

And with that, I’ve basically crossed off every item on my apartmentiversary foyer to-do list! Here’s a refresher of what was on it back in June 2013:

  • Purchase the perfect rug (ONLY the perfect one, which I can see in my head but haven’t found yet) - DONE
  • Paint the china cabinet (currently in the office), move it in here, and style it - in progress
  • Determine what to do with our useless fishtank conversation zone area - DONE
  • Create window treatments for the one window - DONE
  • Change up the fabric of the aquarium panels (the green’s not doing it for me anymore) - DONE!
  • Hang some art on the walls and cabinet fronts - DONE
  • Create a “landing strip” zone in the entryway with a place to put reminders and hang jackets - DONE

The china cabinet’s going to stay in the office after all (and I purchased the paint for it last weekend – I know, WHAT), and the “useless fishtank conversation zone” has actually turned into a serene little space, even if its only function is to store our bistro chairs. This room didn’t really feel much like a foyer six months ago, but now it’s the welcoming and functional space it needed to be.

So with the nagging aquarium skirt issue resolved, I think I’m done with this room for a little while! Which means... I’ve got my eye on you, office that doesn’t feel like an office.


Tina said...

I can still see the foyer morphing into a nursery... The new rug has the area defined once you move that table back over by the fish tank. ;-)

Rachel C said...

I love your foyer updates. I'm super impressed that you've made such an awkward space into a clearly decorated and usable space. It seems like the perfect "Welcome" for guests.

And now that you've teased me, I'm dying to see the office updates!

Sarah said...

@Rachel, ha, I'm dying to see the office updates too... because there aren't any! YET, that is. *side eye towards office*

Tina said...

The console table that I wanted - http://www.samsclub.com/sams/bennet-console-table/prod11350102.ip?navAction=
would work beautifully in an office, too! Opened it would lend itself to even bigger projects. :-)
I am wanting you to want this table... ;-)