26 February 2014

DIY: even easier no-sew pillow covers

Yesterday I told you how I was pulling some pillows out of hiding from a dresser drawer. Two got fun envelope covers made from cloth napkins, and if you missed yesterday’s tutorial, I must say it’s one of my favorites. Super easy, super cheap. It’ll be my new go-to pillow covering method!

But I still had two to go: one turquoise pillow (last seen here, before I decided I am just not a turquoise person), and one plain white pillow form that I purchased but never covered. Since I wanted them out of that drawer, I decided to look around and see if I had anything on hand I could use to cover them. I ended up covering them in about five minutes each – and I can’t decide if that’s ridiculously easy or ridiculous and easy. Either way: super fast pillow covers, AND I cleared out a drawer AND I made use of some unused fabric. Win!

Here’s what I did. After rummaging around in my fabric stock, I found this lovely number:

It’s a pattern called Treillage that I found at Jo-Ann, and it is seriously the most lush navy fabric ever... which is why I totally impulse-bought a yard of it when it was 70% off even though I had absolutely no plans for it.

Of course, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a beautiful fabric and then lust after it so hard that it stays tucked away in a drawer. So it was time for this to see the light of day! But since I didn’t want to commit to cutting it up for a pillow cover, I decided to try this tip... from a Buzzfeed article.

Originally that tutorial is here, in the interest of properly sourcing the author. But I didn’t see it there... I found it on Buzzfeed. Which means I totally took home décor advice from Buzzfeed. I’m a little embarrassed for me, too. But it’s like that article was written for the Pinning masses! Go check it out... several are silly, but you’ll want to Pin some of the tricks, too.

Anyway, I decided to try my hand at that method to cover the turquoise pillow.

Because this is an thick outdoor fabric, it didn’t tie quite as easily as the source suggested. I couldn’t make a bow exactly, so I just tucked the corners under the flaps (and because it’s a sturdy fabric, they stay put). Still, the other side looks just fine, and for five minutes of hands-on time, it’s worth trying!

I put it on the futon, which doesn’t get a lot of pillow-squishing action. If I were to try this method for our living room pillows (which get thrown around, napped on, and generally well-used) I might use a safety pin or two to hold it all in place.

Now I can enjoy this fabric until I figure out just what to do with it!

As for the last pillow needing a cover... I let the cold weather outside serve as inspiration.

I’d stuck this rarely-worn sweater in my scrap drawer, figuring it might be good for repurposing someday. And while it might have another life as legwarmers or a tea cozy someday, for now, I’ve wrapped it around this pillow!

I just knotted the sleeves and tucked them in the hood in the back. It’s definitely not pretty from that side, but the front is pretty darn cute.

And so trendy, considering that sweater pillows (and not that kind) are a hot décor item right now. Even IKEA sells one! With buttons!

So there you go: two ridiculously easy ways to dress up your pillows!

They’re not the most durable pillow covers ever – for that, you’d be better off making the semi-permanent covers I DIY’d yesterday. But for a temporary fix, for low-cost and for clearing out drawer space, you can’t beat this!


Christal said...

that sweater pillow is precious. :-)