11 February 2014

Rockin’ out

This weekend I suddenly realized that I have an entire piece of furniture here that I forgot to tell you about! Geez louise, I practically provide a pictorial step-by-step if I so much as take out the garbage. How did I have a new piece of furniture here for three months without a peep here on the blog?

Well, maybe because it’s not exactly new furniture. It’s been in my life for quite a long time... but most of the time, it was with these people:

My Grandma and Pa! Two of my absolute favorite people. My Pa passed away a few years ago (as I’ve written about), but I’m fortunate to still have my Grandma in my life. Of all the grandkids, I’m the most, uh, prodigal of the bunch. I live far away, visit rarely, practically never call, and am generally far less helpful than any other grandchild. And yet... my Grandma loves me anyway, and has never had a harsh word (or even a passive-aggressive comment) about my shortcomings. She’s kind, understanding, and so very generous.

And her generosity is how I ended up with this in our apartment:

Also her pragmatism, because I cannot count how many times she’s given bequeathed things despite still being alive because “I’d rather see you enjoy them while I’m still here!”

A few months ago, when we had the rare chance to visit Grandma, she pointedly asked if we were having children soon (because in addition to being kind and generous, she is BLUNT). After we stumbled through an answer that went something like, “uhh... I guess soonish? someday?... uhh... not like, NOW-now,” she finally saved us by saying that she wanted us to have this rocking chair for our someday-nursery. She rocked me as a baby in it, and she wanted to make sure that we had it when we get around to having a Baby P. My parents brought it shortly after, and since then it’s taken up residence in our guest room!

Obviously, as it’s been in use for more time than I’ve been alive, it’s got a few bumps and scratches. But it’s overall in good shape, so the little worn spots correspond to happy visits at my grandparents’ house!

Honestly, the part of this rocking chair that just transports me back to my childhood is the weird lion on the back of it. I’m pretty sure that I knelt backward in this rocking chair to study it every single time we visited my grandparents (and I was also subsequently fussed at to “put my bottom in the chair” every single time as well.)

For a rocking chair, it’s quite petite. I love how easily it slips in a corner in this room – it certainly fits right in.

And more wood in this room can’t be a bad thing! It warms up the white so well.

So although this rocking chair isn’t being used for Grandma’s intended purpose just yet, it’s still lovely to have it in our home, where it can remind me of childhood at my grandparents’ house daily. Ahhh. Love it!

Finally, if you’re of the praying/well-wishes/good-vibes sort, I’d sincerely appreciate it if you sent some for my Grandma. She fell in December and shattered her hip so badly that they couldn’t even perform surgery. So, she’s healing a broken hip naturally. She’s going on 90 and I don’t know a tougher lady – but of course, even tough ladies need good thoughts for healing and high spirits! Thanks!