20 February 2014

The latest IKEA wish list

The other day I read an article that mentioned a gas station on a corner in midtown St. Louis had been recently demolished... to make way for IKEA. I especially appreciated the statement, “Until recently, development in this centrally located area was scoffed at by knowledgeable longtime residents. Too many proposals had come and gone to not be cynical.” Ha! My scoffing and cynicism were totally appropriate.

But I guess the start of demolition and construction means it’s really happening, you guys. IKEA! Right by my house!

Needless to say, I already have my list in order. And the top item on my list is BRIMNES:

On Tuesday I mentioned a 35x35 goal to move all our clothes into our bedroom. It’s started to bum me out that I never go into our bedroom except to sleep – I spend most of my morning in the guest room, because thanks to our teensy closets, that’s where I keep ALL of my clothes, shoes, jewelry, everything. It’s pretty awkward when we have company, because I have to either “pack up and move” into our bedroom or try to dart in to grab undies when they’re not looking. Basically I feel like Mr. P and I have separate bedrooms... I just happen to sleep in his.

So I’ve really been craving two of these BRIMNES wardrobes to flank the dresser in our bedroom, which would allow me to “move into” our bedroom for good. They’re the perfect size (tricky, thanks to the sloped wall) AND the perfect price (important when I want two!). And while the white finish isn’t my absolute favorite, I’ve got an idea to do something about it!

But my list doesn’t end there. As long as we’re dreaming of furniture for the bedroom – and pretending that money is no object – I think I might need this STRANDMON wing chair. It’d be perfect in the corner next to the wardrobes, right?

The tailored gray fabric would be my pick, but the blue velvet does remind me of childhoods spent in a similar chair at my grandparents!

Although I appreciate IKEA’s furniture, it’s great for stocking up on super-basic household supplies, too. I have one IKEA cutting board that I think cost two dollars, which is so basic that it’s not even listed on their website. Next time I’m there, I plan to get at least one or two more. I’m also in the market for new bed pillows (mine have become lumpy) and a few pillow inserts. And I’m debating whether I’d want to stock up on pretty hangers for my hypothetical new wardrobes, such as these:


Of course, every time I go to IKEA, I end up stocking up on their textiles. Many of their pillows have ultra-modern prints that aren’t quite my style, but occasionally I find a few that are perfect for our home (like the apparently discontinued MARGARETA). This BLÅVINGE cushion cover, for instance, reminds me of a biology textbook. And it’s in navy, my most recent color crush!

A beige HENRIKA or two might add a bit of glam hotel style:

And the large ÅKERKULLA pillow covers might make a bold pattern-mixing statement as euro shams on our guest bed.

As long as we’re thinking about textiles, I might as well admit that our bed is still duvet cover-less, half a year later. I keep holding out for the perfect queen-sized option (as opposed to full/queen, which might not fit our true-queen duvet). But maybe I should bite the bullet and try a set from IKEA! There’s the super-basic and super-inexpensive DVALA...

The pricey linen LINBLOMMA...

And the oh-it-looks-so-soft OFELIA VASS.

I’d have to check them out in person before I could decide, which is all the more reason why I’m having trouble waiting for this IKEA to be built!

Finally, there’s the stuff I want to hang on my walls. I’m not sure exactly where this LEVANGER mirror could go, but I know adding a mirror is always good for bouncing light around!

The Portlandia trend is so three years ago, but that won’t stop me from putting a bird on it (bird = KORT art cards, it = my walls).

These PJÄTTERYD pictures would be a nice throwback to my teenage love of butterflies:

And we all know that I’d absolutely have to stock on up my favorite VERITASERUM VIRSERUM frames, because THEY NOW COME IN GOLD OMG:

Okay, I think that’s about it! Not so bad, right? Could totally fit all of that in our car? Maybe not. So maybe it’ll be a good thing that IKEA is so close... I just doubt I can wait a year and a half for it to be finished!


Tina said...

I wonder what you plan to do to your wardrobes... Just this morning on Dear Genevieve, HGTV, G. working in a bedroom redo brought in white wardrobes (it sure looked like she was in IKEA making selections) and placed one on either side of a dark wood dresser. Looked good. This should work in yours as well esp. with your new nightstands. :-)