24 March 2014

Going back to Cali, day 1

Hello there, dear readers. I’m in California this week doing important California-work things, which means my effort on house projects is basically nil. Instead you’re getting near-real-time travelogue!

Near real time because no one really wants to hear the agonizingly tedious details of my extended layover in Las Vegas. Instead you get the high point, literally: all I ever needed to see of the Vegas strip.


Miles said...

I went to email you and then discovered that i dont have your email address anymore. I just wanted to give you a taste of my "on my heck, what are they thinking?!" reaction to YHL's post today. Hopefuuly, you missed it since youre in Cali :). Safe travels!!

Janice said...

I had a conference in LV once. One evening we walked down one side of the "Strip" and back the other. Yep, that was enough for me.