26 March 2014

Going back to Cali, day 3

I mean, let’s be real. There’s a very obvious reason scientists don’t schedule conferences in the middle of boring cities.

If we have to leave the lab, it’d better be for a place worth visiting, right?


Rachel C said...

I think you need to rename these posts "Ways to Torture My Readers Who are Dealing with Even MORE Wintertime."

Also, I'm not sure if it's on my end or something wrong with your mobile site, but it's not letting me post comments. I type the comment, press submit, and where the confirmation "prove your not a robot" part normally pops up, nothing happens. The comment just goes away but never posts. It's been doing it for a week or so.

Sarah said...

@Rachel, if it matters, it's barely 60 degrees in that photo... though yes, that sure beats freezing! Thanks for letting me know about the comments - not sure I can fix them because I rely so heavily on Blogger's system, but I'll see if I can do anything!