18 March 2014

On saying YES (to IKEA)

Sometimes I feel like I should really surround myself with signs up around me that say things like “JUST GO FOR IT” and “STOP TALKING YOURSELF OUT OF IT”. I’ve never been impulsive or much of a risk-taker, but I’m finally, finally starting to break that bad habit of telling myself “no” to things I’d like to try. Lately I’ve put myself out there a bit more than usual, with enough success that I realize I should do it more. Huh! Turns out? Life can be a whole lot more interesting when you JUST GO FOR IT and STOP TALKING YOURSELF OUT OF IT.

Which is why Mr. P and I got up early and spent eight hours on Saturday doing this:

So that I could spend but a few hours doing THIS:

Ok, not just taking selfies of blankets that match my shirt. You recognize that label, right? We went to IKEA!

Yes, around 8PM on Friday night, Mr. P and I decided to get up ten hours later, drive four hours to IKEA, meet family for lunch, spend a couple hours shopping, and then drive back home in time for dinner. It was a little nuts. I totally had other important things to do. And I had a blast!

In true IKEA-fan fashion, I took photos of my favorite things I spotted while shopping. There are the rooms I could move right into, like this one with pattern-mixed bedlinens, long white curtains, lotsa neutrals, and classic-lined furniture (I have always loved the HEMNES line):

Oh, and the other side of the room? All storage. Love!!

But this room was a close second. Hello, favorite NYPORNOS duvet! More neutrals, plus a canopy curtain and a mixed-frame gallery wall, two décor trends I’ve been wanting to incorporate into our home!

That dresser in the back especially caught my eye. It’s the BRUSALI, and while it’s not my perfect midcentury credenza for the office, its sub-$100 price did make me pause for a hot minute (and take an awkwardly-angled photo).

It’s the perfect size for the space in the office! But ultimately it’s not what I had in mind, so I walked on... and found these. Which are gorgeous!

And from the IKEA STOCKHOLM collection, and therefore cost literally four times more. That’s especially painful considering I loved the look of the two of them together. Expensive taste, I has it!

On the other end of the spectrum, I found another tempting credenza substitute in the as-is section:

Ultimately it was too long for my space, and I knew it, but I nevertheless spent a good few minutes looking it over, trying to figure out why it was in the as-is section. Finally I saw the reason on the tag: “Mixed finishes”. Oh... it’s not supposed to be that way? Because I totally thought that was on purpose! Pretty good deal, there.

I didn’t come home with a credenza, which is for the best (that wasn’t the purpose of the trip). I also, however, did not come home with any more white VIVAN curtains, which were one of my reasons for going:

I know I should be happy that everyone is getting their own white billowy curtains to make their living space lovely... but couldn’t you have left one for me? Sad face.

I didn’t come home with any new lighting options, but I did fall pretty hard for this reasonably-priced lamp:

And scoped out library-lighting-esque solutions for the top of the likely-will-never-be-completed bookcases.

None of which made it home with us. But that’s ok, because the backseat was pretty full!

No worries, I’ll fill you in on what we actually purchased. That’s a whole other story!

So that’s how I spent my Saturday: doing something totally impulsive and not entirely necessary. Sure, there were several reasons why we shouldn’t go, and I thought of all of them while mentally talking myself out of going... but ultimately Mr. P gave me the nudge to stop answering “Why not?” and start realizing that “Because it’ll be fun!” is a totally valid reason.