21 March 2014

Photo Friday #143: carrot and stick

Real talk: this semester has been pretty hectic work-wise, and it’s only getting crazier as I leave tomorrow to travel for a week. There have been several times recently that I’ve looked at my calendar with trepidation that I literally cannot complete all the things on it. Other times I’ve had to prioritize deadlines based not on their due date, but their due hour, and work from there. It’s been nuts.

But it’s paying off. This week my boss got word that a grant she wrote based on my data got a super high, very-fundable score. The day the news came, I already knew I’d be spending the evening working at home... and that I’d be finishing off the bottle of champagne I received for the last grant.

That photo sums it up. It’s so hard. It’s so worth it.


Tina said...

Congratulations! And Godspeed.

Janice said...

It's a great feeling when hard work is truly rewarded. Congrats!

Have a safe and productive trip. Don't spend it ALL on work :)