20 March 2014

Spring cleaning, in five-minute chunks

Even though work is keeping me extra busy these days (I leave in 48 hours for a week of work-related travel! PANIC!), I’ve still been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. I can’t necessarily act on the impulse to deep-clean and organize my entire home from top to bottom... but oh, how I wish I could.

So I’m trying to do what I can with the vanishingly small amount of time that I have. And one thing that helped me recently were these two cheesy, listicle-y articles: 21 things you should throw away right now (via Buzzfeed), and 37 things in your home to get rid of right now (via HuffPo). Silly, but true. Even though I like to think our home is on the cleaner, more-organized side... too many items on those list hit home. How do they know about the sticky, billowing collection of plastic shopping bags I keep under my sink?!

There’s really a lot of joy to be had in walking around your home and putting items in the trash (as this post from last spring demonstrates). So, I decided to go for it, a little bit at a time! Although I haven’t tackled every one of those items, I made a bit of headway. For one, we had a LOT of expired medication hanging out in our bathroom.

I’d say it kinda makes sense to have three kinds of painkillers... if all three bottles didn’t have an expiration date of several years ago... AND if all three bottles hadn’t been re-used to refill with ibuprofen. Slanty face.

Taking five minutes to gather all your pens and have a line-drawing death-match is awfully satisfying. (No ink? INTO THE TRASH YOU GO.)

And then, of course... there is the pile of fast food condiment packets in our fridge.

You guys, I am pretty sure I moved those here from Tennessee. While I would agree that nearly any food can be improved with the addition of Chick-fil-A or Horsey sauce, I am not about to open these packets, as they are at least two years old. Probably more like five.

So if you too want to clean your home but have approximately twenty seconds of free time, check out those lists for some very satisfying and very FAST ways to feel ever-so-slightly more organized. If you’ve got an hour or two, you could probably conquer both lists! But if you’re short on time like me... well, simply switching out my dish sponge makes me feel like a homemaking WINNER. Every little bit of spring cleaning helps, right?!


Janice said...

Careful how you dispose of those expired medications. Here we have collection days and at the municipal building downtown is a special recepticle you can dump them into.

I think pens take after rabbits. They seem to just multiply in this house as well!

I'm guilty of the plastic bags, but I use them to clean up the yard each week so I'm recycling them :) Any extras I take to the dog park every couple months.

Thanks for the tips on the articles. I'll check them out. :)