13 March 2014

Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away

Thanks to the time change (I LOVE DST. Farewell, seasonal affective disorder!) and the crazy warm weather at the beginning of the week, it finally felt like spring had sprung this week in St. Louis! Of course, the joy was short-lived... as the temperature promptly dropped forty degrees. But at least it’s still super sunny!

In honor of the extra daylight, I finally hung these sunburst mirrors I found at Target.

Sunburst mirrors have been trendy for a surprisingly long time – so long that I worry they’re headed out soon. But in the meantime, I had to scoop them up! First of all, mirrors are always a good thing to bounce light around, especially when it’s in short supply. Second: GOLD. They are gold. Duh.

And third: clearance!

Since something gold and mirrored could fit basically anywhere in my house, I spent a good while carrying these mirrors from room to room, trying to choose the place of honor. Finally, I decided on this wall in the foyer.

The foyer is always hurting for light, but I’m wary of putting up mirrors since, in most positions, a mirror would just reflect the bathroom. Uh, gross. But this wall, right next to the bathroom, would be safe! I taped those pieces of paper up to decide on placement, then just tapped a few nails into the wall and hung them up!

Did you hear how nonchalantly I said that? “Just tapped a few nails into the wall”? This is progress, people!

And my desire to get a little bit more light bouncing around this room was satisfied!

But I didn’t stop there with sunbursts. Oh no. Remember this mirror from our old master bedroom?

I bought it eight (eight!) years ago from Hobby Lobby, back when I just thought it was pretty and the sunburst mirror trend was but a glint in some designer’s eye. It remains one of my favorite d├ęcor accessories, but... it is heavy. And until now, I’ve been too scared to hang it up.

But now I have THESE:

Yes, more picture-hanging hooks. I already own a bunch, but I specifically purchased these because they have weight ratings attached! Of course, I assume the weight ratings are vast overestimates, in order to feel comfortable that our century-old plaster walls could actually support the weight.

Still, with that in mind, I “weighed” the mirror – by which I mean, I weighed myself, then I weighed myself with the mirror. Turns out, this SUPER HEAVY OMG mirror that I’ve been terrified to hang up... weighs five pounds. Just five pounds! Also, turns out I weigh about five pounds less than I thought I did. Good news all around!

So given that it weighed five pounds, I of course used a hanger rated for thirty pounds to hang it. But hey! It’s securely ON THE WALL!

And no longer UNDER OUR BED! Where it was for ALMOST TWO YEARS!

Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped about it... not in the least because it reflects my other gold mirrors in this room.



Rachel C said...

Love the mirrors. And great job scoring them for under $20!

Tina said...

I feel so deprived - no Target within 50 miles of me... 'Cause you know I'd be running to Target to get a set just like those. I really do like them!

Shanna said...

I like your new mirrors! I still haven't hung a mirror in our foyer and now I'm thinking I might try your 3-mirror idea. Everything I've looked at so far is either too expensive, scratched, or too heavy.