11 March 2014

The end of the turquoise experiment

I think we’ve established here, thanks to all my trials and errors, that I am just not a turquoise person.

I tried. There are so many lovely homes with so much color (Making It Lovely! Little Green Notebook! My complete and total girl-crush Emily A. Clark!). I thought shades of turquoise would be a good gateway, considering how much I like blue and green. But alas.

The turquoise drapes were replaced with much-more-loved white...

And my turquoise-accented desk has been totally neutralized.

I’m glad that I tried branching out into bright color... but I can hear the obnoxious teenager inside me yelling, “STOP TRYING TO MAKE TURQUOISE HAPPEN.” At least, in this home. It’s just not for me.

So the vintage caster table I practically stole (practically = uh, literally) and painted a vaguely-turquoise-y robin’s egg blue?

Yeah. I thought I was giving it a bit of character, one of those “pops of color” that is supposed to “make me smile every time I look at it!!!!” That didn’t happen. I gave it time, and yet, not a single exclamation point was experienced. Mostly it looked out of place while trying waaaay too hard. That teenager up there would have something to say about that.

So when I was painting the china cabinet white... you can guess what happened.

Yeah. White. Yaaawnnnn.

Sorry for the disappointment that you color-lovers must feel as I practically remove all the color in my house and replace it with white and gold. But really, the white just makes me so much happier. It’s crisp, it suits the midcentury style, and it reminds me of our two-toned nightstands. Even just with my printer on top, it just looks more like it belongs in my house.

That said, the white may not stay forever. It took all of ten minutes to re-paint this – as before, I used my Wooster brush, but I didn’t even bother to tape off the lines. So if I wanted to repaint it later with a color that suits the finished office (like, say, the slate blue that reader Rachel suggested), I’ll go for it!

But for now? I’m a huge fan of the visual decluttering.

Neutrals may seem to be out of control, dear readers, but do you see? I’m clearing the slate for this room. I don’t have a vision yet (ughhhhh).... but I do know that the one thing this room does NOT need is turquoise. LESSON LEARNED.


Janice said...

It's good to try new things (aka colors) but sometimes, they just don't fit right. Live and learn. I've spent untold amounts of money on colored items that ended up at Salvation Army over the years because I just could not find the right place for them, even though I thought they were perfect for x-location. oops.