23 April 2014

Another victorious battle in the storage wars

Just another small organizational update again today, dear readers! I know moving items around my home isn’t necessarily the most scintillating reading (unless I managed to store everything in with super colorful labels or polka-dot containers, which I don’t, though others do that quite well). But around here, we celebrate every victory, no matter how small. And today I’m celebrating emptying out this black hole of a filing cabinet:

I explained last week why I wanted to empty this thing – it holds all my sheet music, which I’m not using right now. So I might as well pack them up and put them elsewhere until I can use them again, and put another piece of furniture in its place.

But I was going to be really picky about how I packed it up. Way back in the old house, before I started blogging, I kept this music packed in cardboard boxes in the garage. I hadn’t unpacked them into the filing cabinet yet (after... cough... a few years) when my water heater broke, sprung a leak, and FLOODED MY GARAGE. Yes. It was kind of a nightmare. And all this music was very nearly one of the causalities.

The music was stacked horizontally in the boxes, so some books were soaked through, while others came out unscathed. To try to save the waterlogged books, I opened them and spread them around my garage to dry. They stayed like that for weeks while I looked like the crazy sheet music flood lady. But I was determined to save them – each one of those books can cost upwards of thirty bucks! I had hundreds of dollars in music that I very nearly ruined... all because I stored it in cardboard boxes.

I will never again be so dumb.

So! In order to pack this music up and out, I needed plastic bins. Fortunately, I had two bins that I could clean out that were the perfect size to store the music vertically. The only catch was that the lid had a sunken handle, so in order to actually close the lid, I had to store the music at an angle to accommodate the sunken handle inside. Still! Repurposed plastic bin storage, yeah!

But they only held half (yes, just half!) of my sheet music. I needed to find another option, so I dug around in our attic for any empty plastic boxes that were the right size – too large, and there’s no way I could carry them around. I didn’t have any more boxes, but I did realize we have this dusty, mostly-unused plastic drawer unit:

While it’s not totally ideal – the tops of the drawers are not totally closed off, which may allow bugs and whatnot to collect inside – it’s better than cardboard, which would wouldn’t protect the contents if the attic leaks. Which, as we’ve learned, it can.

So, I decided to make do. As you can see, it was currently holding miscellaneous cords and computer paraphernalia. I relocated those cords and whatnot to smaller plastic bins:

And stacked them with the other boxes in the pile of Unused Electronic Junk That Mr. P Will Sort Through Someday So Help Me God.

Then it was just a matter of filling those drawers...

And requesting Mr. P’s help to teamwork it all up into the attic!

Ok, maybe the last step hasn’t happened yet... but soon enough. And now I can check an item off my office to-do list! My dream office awaits...