29 April 2014

DIY: Faking pinch-pleats with ring clips

Remember when I jumped on the window mistreatment bandwagon once and for all? I clipped halves of a tablecloth to my wall and called them curtains. Boom.

You can’t deny that’s way easier than fashioning a rod-pocket or pinch-pleats at the top. And even easier? Never bothering to hem the curtains.

Not that you can tell. If it’s hard to see in this awkwardly-angled photo I took while practically lying on my belly on the floor, of course it’s impossible to notice from any normal perspective.

So the unhemmed panels haven’t bothered me one bit. (Heck, I still haven’t hemmed most of the curtains around here!) But what has bothered me? Those ring clips. I have come to the conclusion that I’m just not a ring-clip kinda girl. They always felt a bit shower-curtainy to me, but I thought I might get over that if I gave them a try. Well, here it is, six months later, and.... nope. Still not my favorite.

So I decided to cover them up... by faking a pleat with the ring clips. By raising the panels a bit, I’d mimic the pinch-pleat style I’m more fond of. And because I never hemmed the curtains, I wouldn’t even have to worry about making them too short!

I didn’t even bother taking them off the wall to do this. Instead, I used a piece of paper as a guide to ensure that I clipped the curtain the same distance from the edge all the way across.

(While I started with the paper folded, but eventually I re-did it with the paper un-folded... as you’ll see in a minute.)

I just worked my way across the curtain, measuring down the curtain, pinching it from the front, and clipping It from the back. So easy! I loved it!

When I stepped back to look at it from a few feet away, though, I was a little less impressed.

While I did get that faux pinch-pleat look, and while I much prefer the look on the right to that on the left, I decided to go back and raise it a little higher. For drama!

The fuller look is a little less like true pinch-pleats, but I prefer it because the extra height emphasizes our tall ceilings. And most importantly: no more weird shower curtain vibes!

It’s obviously a small change, but it’s one that makes me super happy! I’m glad I gave ring clips a try, because goodness knows those things are easy (remember, I hung these “curtains” without a single stich or any of my beloved Heat & Bond). But I’m also glad to have the ease of ring clips without ever having to look at them. Faux pinch pleats all the way in Casa P!


Janice said...

I really like this look. Am in the "I've GOT to do something with this decor" mode. Problem is....bay windows. arrgh.