30 April 2014

My Favorite Things, April 2014

Somehow, I went this entire month without really telling you how nuts it’s been behind the scenes, work-wise. I KNOW I went the whole month because I can search my blog for the word “OMG” and see that at no point did I tell you about my Excel spreadsheet organizing all my work projects entitled “APRIL OMG”. It’s been a month of creating and giving presentations (seven), organizing outreach events (three), remembering to attend meetings (countless), and hitting deadlines (or... at least trying). I’ve been geared up to get through April for months, and now it’s sort of shocking to realize that I’m here, on the last day of April, still alive.

I’m sure May will be crazy in its own way. But for today, let’s celebrate making it through April with a few of my favorite things from this month!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Technically, this belongs in my favorite things from March, because I saw it the last weekend of that month (before APRIL OMG) and yet somehow totally blanked when writing up that month’s list. I’m so embarrassed that I forgot to mention it because 1) it was stuck on my mind for days and weeks afterwards, except when writing that post and 2) it might not be in your local theatre anymore. Gah, this blogger, such a jerk!

But seriously, you should see this movie.

I know I overuse the word “delightful”, but if there’s ever a noun to which that adjective should be applied, it’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Ralph Fiennes (who I usually have trouble seeing as Not-Lord-Voldemort) pulls off one of the most endearing performances I’ve seen in a long time. And of course, the world Wes Anderson creates is once again immaculate in symmetry and rhythm. Probably my favorite Wes Anderson movie yet.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I’m a little late to the Neil Gaiman love-fest, and honestly, I don’t get into every book he writes. But if you enjoy Neil Gaiman’s style of fantasy based on ordinary children entering extraordinary worlds, then boy, do I have a book for you.

As usual, I listened to the audiobook, but unusually, I devoured this one in about two days. I found myself looking for tasks that I could complete while listening to the book, just so I could have an excuse to keep listening. And next summer it’ll be a movie directed by Tim Burton! Better get it now before all the copies are gone at the library, eh?

My new hairstylist, YAY

This is not entirely helpful to anyone not living in STL, but I am just so dang excited about it that I have to share: I FINALLY HAVE A HAIR STYLIST. I’ve lived here two years, and the entire time I’ve hated my hair and missed my Nashville stylist. She had the uncanny knack of understanding how to layer my hair without me being able to explain what I want, and she was cheap. After trying more expensive stylists here and never being completely happy with the result, I was stunned to realize that my fancy neighborhood salon and spa is actually super inexpensive (under $30!!), super convenient (it’s literally on my way home), super swanky (they take your coat and offer you wine!), and has a girl that KNOWS HOW TO CUT MY HAIR. She’s precious and I want her to cut my hair every day.

So yeah. If you’re in STL needing a haircut, go to Phillip Johnson Salon and ask for Heather. I am just that pumped about it.

More location-based links

After you get your hair cut here in STL, maybe you want to stop by and see our neighborhood owlets?

If you are instead from my former hometown, you might be pleased to hear that Franklin is the Greatest Southern Town. I wholeheartedly agree!

New Yorkers will certainly appreciate this series of GIFs regarding NYC etiquette. Actually, any city dweller will probably be nodding along with a lot of them. Goodness knows I am.

And finally, if you hail from None of the Above, then you can find out what job most uniquely belongs to your state. (Wait, “boilermakers” is a real job?!)

DIY inspiration

As you all know, I’m taking on a wardrobe hacking project in our bedroom. So I was excited to see this Apartment Therapy post of what others are doing with their IKEA wardrobes:

No BRIMNES on that list, though. I guess I get to be original!

Random things that made me happy

This collection of MRI scans of fruit and vegetables at least partially lived up to its title: I really was mesmerized.

Along the same lines of “the world is weirder than we thought”, there are these historical photographs that offer fascinating glimpses into the past. Worth checking out!

This comment is too true:

And this tweet is my favorite:

This quote from Ben Franklin via Tsh is how I feel about blogging every. single. day. (even if I’m not successful, I feel it.)



Whew! Farewell, April. It’s been way too real.


Mary Beth said...

I just finished Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and loved it. I didn't know they were making it into a movie ... that's exciting!

Tina said...

I enjoy these "Best of" posts sooo much! Checking out your links and always those always leading me down other rabbit holes so that before I know it, day is almost done. But for one day a month that I look forward to, it's so worth it! :-)