01 April 2014

My Favorite Things, March 2014

No fools around here – today I’ve got a roundup of my favorite things in March! Granted, it’s mostly links and such, as it’s sort of hard to endorse “an incredibly useful business trip to Southern California” as something that, you know, anyone can just get.

So instead let’s talk about...

Stuff you can learn!

This list of “8 Surprising Historical Facts That Will Change Your Concept of Time Forever” has totally the wrong title. It should be called “History Seems So Big Until You Realize A Lot of It Happened at the Same Time.” It made the rounds earlier this month, but if you missed it, it’s worth checking out!

At first I took issue with the premise of this Powerpoint demonstrating why Powerpoints are an awful teaching tool. But then I clicked through the slideshow and realized that, yes, as a matter of fact, there are people who need to be told: That Is Not How You Powerpoint.

Fortunately my field isn’t that bad, but if yours is, please, spread the word! Friends don’t let friends make bad Powerpoints!

Stuff you can read!

Here’s a list of books I almost entirely skipped over in high school. I’m coming ‘round. (Why they actually assign these books to teenagers, instead of just distributing them with notes that say “Wait ten years to read this and you will totes understand.”, is beyond me.)

On the other hand, here’s a list of books you DID read way back when, paired with books you’ll likewise enjoy today.

Finally, I’m partway through this book that my boss loaned me. It’s the story of a young woman who became a scientist in the early 20th century and then had to run away from the Nazis and secretly continued her paradigm-shifting experiments in the back room of her house and then was recognized later in life with a Nobel Prize.

And oh yeah, it’s an autobiography. Yup. True story. It’s clearly out of print now (so I’m not even linking to the price-gouging on Amazon) but if you can get a copy, enjoy it!

Stuff you can categorize!

Earlier this month there was a sort of polling-contest thingy to vote for the best Harry Potter character. It put characters in head-to-head match-ups where you chose a winner, and the winners you picked in earlier rounds came back to face each other in the later rounds.

So in other words, it was agonizing. (Un)fortunately, voting is closed now. Guess who won before you click over! (My final vote came down to the ultimate #7 vs #2. and OMG THAT WAS HARD. I can’t really argue with #1, though how did #3 get so high?!?)

Also in the category of categories, here’s a map of which state gets which meat, a.k.a. The United Steaks of America.

I think my two home states fared pretty well! (I mean, c’mon: EVERY state wants bacon.) The map is interactive, so click on over to see who gets what and why!

Stuff you can watch!

Yes yes yes, everyone has seen this already. But still.

As for the debate surrounding his appearance, I’m of the “a president should know how to communicate with the citizens he needs to reach” camp. And yet: I really hope our president is never annoyed with me. That contemptuous glare! THAT SCARY TONE!

Moving along to this song by Christina Perri. I don’t necessarily love the music video, but this song keeps coming up on my Pandora and lodging itself firmly in my head:

The melody is positively earworm-y, right? It’s not new, but it’s new to me, so maybe it’s new to you too!

This adorably clever video (with double Hemsworth eye candy!) made the rounds on my News Feed, but it’s worth re-posting if you missed it:

(If you’ve watched the whole thing and still don’t get it, click here to catch up. The laugh at 0:38 still gets me seven years later!)

Finally, you should know that as the last official person to hop on the Breaking Bad train: I am officially on Season 3. Netflix, bitch! Now I wonder, how is it possible to enjoy such a creepy show in which every single one of the characters is so dang unlikable?

Stuff to make you laugh!

This stream-of-consciousness essay is pretty on-par for my brain in Target. (”Oh, the shoes! I haven’t seen their new shoes recently! I was just telling Mr. P how I could use a new pair of flats...”)

I adore this meme of acting out old vinyl covers. Even more to see here.

David Sedaris understands exactly why I don’t turn on overhead lights in our home. “It's funny how with the flick of a switch you can perform a virtual charmectomy: wiping away everything that made a place inviting.”

And finally, because every month should involve funny images that make me laugh until I cry: A SERIES OF GIFS IN WHICH A RED PANDA JUST WANTS YOU TO SHARE YOUR LUNCH.

Cheers to March, dear readers. Get ready for April!