16 April 2014

Sew organized

Just a short little organizational post for you today, dear readers! And it comes from my recent realization that I’m often pretty bad about storing “like with like”. Know what I mean? Rather than keeping all the supplies for one project in one place, I’ve scattered them around my various storage hidey-holes. My penchant for storing anything, anywhere has... well, kinda backfired on me. The worst offender is my hardware and tools (I’m still trying to sort that situation) but for a quick fix, I consolidated my sewing supplies.

That might not seem so bad, but that’s because they’re finally together. In real life, the box (that isn’t even entirely sewing supplies – see the wall hooks?!) was floating around various corners of the office, the little travel kits of thread were in a drawer in the china cabinet, the scissors and ashtray (which holds my pins) were in the drawer of the little gray desk, the Heat & Bond was inexplicably hanging out in my closet, and the buttons were everywhere.

Oh, the buttons. Do you save those extra buttons that come with a new shirt or jacket? I should probably toss them, but they take up so little space and if I did need a button, I have a large enough collection that I could find one to suffice.

Man, those buttons were everywhere. In that box, in a similar box, in with my jewelry, in with my fabrics, in random drawers and bowls.

Know how you have an organization problem? When you try to gather all your items, start organizing, and realize partway through that you’ve forgotten some of them stored in a different place. Repeat twice more, and you have a good idea how this project went.

Anyway, once I finally had my supplies together, it was time to store them in a single place. The existing box wasn’t ideal, as it was too big for me to see everything at once. I’d make a mess trying to dig my measuring tape from the bottom, or pull everything out just to find a single needle. So instead, I chose was this pretty box.

I got it at HomeGoods, and I’m fairly sure it’s supposed to be a jewelry box. But I saw it as the perfect box to store my sewing supplies – the embroidered design is just begging me to store needles and thread in its little divided compartments!

Once I discarded all the unneeded packaging around the Heat & Bond and all those buttons, everything fit neatly in my new box!

Sure, I could have dissembled the sewing kits, but for now they’re fine. If I get more supplies, I’ll take them apart to make more space.

And speaking of space, the one thing I couldn’t fit in this box is the aforementioned ashtray. I can’t get rid of it – it has my dad’s fraternity seal on it, and besides, it’s really good at corralling straight pins. So, since I only use it for sewing, I stuck it with my scrap fabrics. Close enough!

But other than that, all my supplies are in one place! And it’s even nice to look at without knowing that I’ve got my sewing stash organized.

I really can’t emphasize enough how much easier it is to complete (or even start) a project when your DIY’ing supplies are organized. And with my project time as short as it is right now, I’ll take every bit of help I can get!