03 April 2014

The master bedroom wardrobes, part 1

Before you start groaning, “Oh no no NO here she goes again with the multi-part project posts that go on and on,” let me say: I have good news and bad news! The good news is, there won’t be a week-long series of posts in which I describe every last detail of building and trimming out our new BRIMNES wardrobes.

The bad news is: I haven’t really built or trimmed out our new BRIMNES wardrobes. Not YET. But I started!

Here’s the deal. Now that we’re feeling settled into our for-the-foreseeable-future home, my highest-priority projects are becoming bigger and taking longer. And... I have a day job (which is not this blog). As I feel like most of my readers also hold down a day job with very little free time, it seems silly to pretend that I have the project allowance time of two people who write a shelter blog full-time. That’s not my real life. It’s probably not your real life!

Therefore, rather than keep all the work behind-the-scenes until I can furiously unleash it all at once with jazz hands and a loud “TA-DA!!!”... I’m going to keep you posted on how this project is going along the way. That can keep us both motivated, yes? Slow and steady wins the race!

So. When I last told you about the wardrobes, Mr. P and I had driven to Chicago and back in a day to purchase the wardrobes and hauled them up to our third-floor bedroom.

Before I could start assembling, I had to clear out the corner where one of the wardrobes would go. A reminder of what the wall looked like before:

And after:

Lamp got relocated to a different room, garbage can ended up in a different corner, Roomba that does a half-assed job vacuuming got relegated to the “do we sell this or what” purgatory pile. (Future project? Hmm.)

With a space cleared out, it’s assembly time! Opening those IKEA boxes is always overwhelming. So many little pieces, gah.

Then: building. Building and moving furniture around for workspace and building and paying very close attention to exactly where are the little dots are in the IKEA assembly drawings. And building.

Maybe I pretended the half-assembled dresser was like a little house I could sit and lay down and play in. It’s possible.

Hammering the back boards onto this sort of furniture is always my least favorite part. Fortunately, IKEA included this nifty nail spacer tool that made it so much less frustrating (of which I only managed to get a blurry photo).

I know IKEA gets a bad rap for people messing up the assembly, but honestly I spent the entire time marveling at how amazingly precise and detail-oriented the process was.

When I finished the cabinet construction, Mr. P was napping. Fortunately I am strong enough to wrestle it into place by myself! Or stubborn enough. Probably the latter.

With the doors against the wall on the other side, it really helps to see what it’ll all look like put together!

Speaking of drawers, a few screws later...

... and they were on.

I’m eschewing the handles that came with the wardrobes in favor of something more stylish... which I haven’t selected yet. The pre-drilled holes seem to be a standard size, though, so I just need to go shopping!

All in all, it took several hours one afternoon to put this guy together. Most of the time was spent figuring out exactly which piece to attach in which way, but I connected all the pieces together properly on the first try! There were a few times the directions were unclear (mostly about how to make sure the finished edges stay on the outside), but I was able to reason through it myself. Overall I’m happy with it, even if the top edge is slightly wonky and the doors don't close as flush as I’d hoped. Those things I can fix in the future, I suppose.

And with that, one down, one to go! Now I just need to build the other one, get wood cut to trim it out, stain the wood, attach it all together... and oh yeah, move in my clothes. Which I’d honestly rather do after painting the bedroom so I don’t have to move them out of the way... but that’s a whole other giant project in itself. I’ll keep you posted!


Janice said...

Don't be afraid to fill the wardrobe and then having to move it. They make these cool items you slip under furniture and all you have to do is push with moderate effort and zip, the piece glides across carpeting with ease! Called "furniture movers" (creative eh?) Can get at any store like Target, Lowes, etc. Project is lookin' good!

Miranda said...

We totally just built that same wardrobe for our bedroom last week!