17 April 2014

The office evolution

Oh dear readers, if you only KNEW how much I wish I was painting our apartment right now. Or building our wardrobes. Or trimming out our shelves. Or doing any sort of project for our apartment, instead of battling to meet the deluge of work-related deadlines over the next few weeks. I actually dreamt that I was cleaning our apartment while making a list of projects the other night, and in the dream I was downright giddy to be thinking about home projects. But on my list of dream-projects was "putting away our Christmas decorations that I’d left out for two years". Fortunately I have packed away the holiday d├ęcor in real life – this year and every year – but that really says something about how I feel about our home these days, hmmm?

Anyway, in this crazy time, I’m going to use the blog for its original intended purpose, which is inspiration and motivation (so what little free time I do have can be spent on projects). And the room for which I most need to be inspired and motivated is our office. Here’s what it looked like shortly after we moved in:

And here’s what it looks like now-ish.

Meh. It’s evolving, but slowly. At least the china cabinet’s been painted since these photos were taken. But it’s still far from the beautiful room I’d like it to be.

So let’s brainstorm! What’s on my office to-do wish list (aside from painting)? Let’s make a list!

1) Pack up the contents of the filing cabinet and give it away. Currently the cabinet holds all my sheet music and music books, and I’m just not using them enough right now to merit an entire piece of furniture. Into the attic with you!

2) Move the glass and chrome end table into the corner where the filing cabinet resides. I like that table but don’t have a better spot for it right now, so that corner will do. Also relocate all the other junk to a better place (anyone want to buy our rarely-used Roomba?)

3) Pack up/donate/organize the books on that shelf. I really don’t need easy access to my high school yearbooks, thanks.

4) Paint those little shelves white, to match the china cabinet. Move them under the window – they’re a little narrow for the spot, but they’re the perfect height!

5) Fill the shelves with pretty things and my sewing machine. Currently the sewing machine is either stored in an impossibly high cabinet (the only cabinet with a shelf tall enough to accommodate it) or on the floor in the dumb corner. Both of those places are not ideal.

6) Paint curtains to resemble my inspiration curtains. I have the stencil, but IKEA was out of white curtains last time! They’ll fill out the space around the narrow shelf.

7) New lamps. Or at least, refreshing the ones we’ve got. A recovered shade for the lamp in the corner would be nice, and I’m considering painting the base of the one on the desk.

8) I have this grand idea of actually hanging our diplomas on the wall (instead of shoving them under the futon). Is that ostentatious? An office is an appropriate place for those things, I suppose. So maybe a gallery wall? I’ve considered it...

9) Find that perfect midcentury credenza. Ugh, someday. I made Mr. P pause the television back when Seth Meyers was trying to promote his new show because he was awkwardly seated behind a truly crush-worthy credenza:

It seems he has a more traditional (way more boring) desk now, so I’m glad I caught its predecessor!

10) With my dreamy magical unicorn credenza in place, move the little gray desk into the entryway. It’s the perfect size!

11) Sometime down the line, I might rearrange the furniture... again. I’ve done it once before and the new arrangement works better than the old...

But it’d be nice if I could figure out how to float the desk in the middle of the room, which I always seem to love in inspiration images. It’ll be tricky to make it pretty with the monitor and cables and eight thousand million cords, so I’ll have to think about it!

That’s quite a list. But having those little discrete items makes huge projects like “make the office a beautiful room” seem so much more doable, right? And here’s hoping that I have those little chunks of time to tackle this list sometime in the next several months!