24 April 2014

The purge, spring 2014

Maybe you noticed yesterday how I off-handedly mentioned yesterday that I cleaned out those blue boxes to fill them with sheet music to store in the attic.

This is how projects snowball, people. The order of operations dictated that before I could pack up the sheet music, I needed to do something about the random collection of items in those blue boxes. I didn’t photograph all of it, so you’ll just have to trust me that it included:

1) a CD player alarm clock (as if people still use CD players OR alarm clocks)
2) a bunch of decorative glass candleholders, likely purchased from the dollar store and definitely not my style
3) a bunch of photo frames, also dollar-store variety, sized for snapshots, which also don’t really exist anymore in this digital age

4) packaging from various electronics that I rarely use and am not entirely sure where they are
5) some decorative sconce shelves. Ok... those are nice. I just haven’t found a spot for them yet.

So as you can see, that was ripe for cleaning out. Some got thrown out, some got stashed away for another decorative project. But some of it ended up in this box:

In the spirit of celebrating every small victory, let me state that this pile is NO LONGER in our home. At all. Yay! The 2014 springtime purge is here!

The white plastic bag contains all the random bath towels and beach towels that Mr. P and I no longer use – and rarely ever used in the first place. Our church’s winter shelter recently asked for big towels for the guests, so I took advantage of the win-win. It was as simple as bagging them up and leaving them in the church office. Now they have nice, new-ish, giant towels to dry off after a hot shower, and I have a closet I can open without fear of a towel tower crashing down upon me.

As for the box, it went to Goodwill. It had a LOT of clothes that I just really haven’t worn since we moved here. Not just bathing suits and belts, but sweaters, shirts, pants, scarves... all kinds of things. I think? I’ve honestly forgotten what all I put in there because clearly I did not need it.

And of course, once I started filling a box for Goodwill... I couldn’t stop. I found unwanted books, unwatched DVDs, unused d├ęcor items that all went in the box. Once it was practically overflowing (I added more even after I took the photo above!), Mr. P was kind enough to drop it off on one of his days off. And now, several days later... I can barely tell you what was in it. That’s how much unimportant junk I had cluttering up my life.

So here’s a challenge for you: stick a cardboard box by your front door and start filling it up with items to donate. And just see if you don’t start wandering around your house, actively seeking items to fill it up, because it feels so good to de-clutter your life. Bonus: you get nice vibes knowing that by donating it, you’re helping the organization that employs people who need a job and the folks who get your discounted items to buy.

Double bonus: I can partially check off #26 from this list.

It’s spring cleaning time, y’all! Purge those items and give you and your house room to breathe again.