19 May 2014

Sarah in Switzerland, part 1

I’m back! Not entirely in the swing of things quite yet – and definitely not resuming home projects at the rate I’d like – but I’m in the States and sorting through my photos. So I figure that, since I haven’t stopped talking about my trip to Switzerland for over a week... WHY STOP NOW?!

Presenting: Sarah’s Adventures in Switzerland!

As you’ll recall, I went to Switzerland to attend my dear friends’ wedding, and it was held in there simply because the groom is, in fact, Swiss. So, we start in Thun, his hometown (or as near to a hometown as his family’s farm can be). Here’s the view from my B&B (a highly recommended place, should you ever find yourself in Thun):

Rivers and mountains, all in one charming small city! Thun may not be at the top of anyone’s must-see list for Switzerland, but it was a perfect home base for me and many other American wedding guests.

The groom (on the right, in blue) took us on a walking tour of his town, which happens to be celebrating its 750th anniversary.

Of course, there was ogling over baked goods. Especially those amaretti! Oh em gee.

We started in the newer part of town by the train station, but worked our way over to the old town. If you’re not sure how to get there, just head toward the castle! Schloss Thun!

This square in old town was actually the site of the wedding rehearsal later (so we didn’t all have to trek up the mountain just for the rehearsal). Can you even imagine having your wedding rehearsal here? Lil C (the one in sunglasses) sure does look excited about it.

Next we cut through a shopping street in the old town. Those covered walkways outside the stores are a hallmark of shopping districts in Switzerland – perfect for browsing while staying out of the weather! You’ll see more of those once we get to Bern.

Then we headed up to the castle, with our tour guide pointing out the sites along the way. It’s good to know that if science doesn’t work out for him, he could surely make a successful career leading tours in Switzerland (even if he did refuse to use an umbrella to keep us all together).

The view from the castle was stunning, as could be expected from the expressions in the photo above..

And of course, let’s not forget exactly where the wedding would be held in a few days: on that tall knobby peak, right of center in the photo below!

We concluded our Thun tour near the lake (Lake Thun, because Switzerland keeps things straightforward).

That is where we saw a sort of... Swiss watersports:

Yes, that guy is “surfing” in the wakes of the river by tying himself to the bridge. It was maybe in the mid-fifties outside. Then again, that barely rivals some of the stories the groom told about his youthful antics!

Say, how about we move forward in time and check out Thun at night?

There was apparently some art show (or, as Judgy McJudgerson over here would call it, an “art” show) along the waterfront that was lit up at night. But even aside from the “art”, it was a hopping place to be in good weather!

And since we’re already in the Bernese Oberland, I might as well fast-forward a few days ahead to Interlaken. Some of my other friends from America stayed there, so we met up as a group and spent a few hours there before the wedding. Interlaken is definitely more touristy – I kept saying it “felt like Gatlinburg, Tennessee” until I realized that, duh, Gatlinburg is designed to feel like a place like Interlaken. Either way!

It’s got lots more wide open spaces compared to Thun, which are, of course, downright gorgeous:

But since we were blessed with insanely beautiful weather that day (their wedding day!!!), we decided our destination would be that restaurant, right up there on the tippy-top of that mountain. I realize it’s nearly impossible to see in this photo, but trust me, it’s there.

So onto the funicular we went! I’m fairly sure this wasn’t my first time on a funicular, but it was definitely the first time I learned the word well enough to remember it going forward. Educational experience!

And of course, once we made it to the top, the view definitely did NOT disappoint. Here’s a panaroma I stitched together from the top:

One of these days I’ll change my blog template to allow wider photos. Ugh. Someday!

In the meantime, here’s more of the view, along with some of my favorite people and yours truly:

All in all, fun times in an astoundingly beautiful place with my dear friends!

The adventures continue tomorrow!


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