28 May 2014

Tacking the two-year-old piles

Our second year in this apartment is drawing to a close, and I gotta admit, that’s starting to make me look around and think, “That’s still there after two years? It’s okay that I dumped that there two years ago and haven’t touched it since? No. DEAL WITH THAT RIGHT NOW.” These aren’t the fun projects, but they’re the ones we all need to do sometime. And that time is NOW.

Right now, the piles in the office are the current target of my crazy-eyed “NOT ANOTHER YEAR” motivation. In this post I outlined a to-do list to make the office less hate-worthy, and as the second apartmentiversary approaches, I’m working my way down, checking things off!

I already packed up the piano music, as I told you here.

Then I went to Europe, which is one way to not work on house projects (the best way). Still, those boxes are now in the attic, safely put away where I don’t have to look at them anymore! Whew.

And once I got that out of the way (and returned to the States), I could move the filing cabinet out as well. Of course, in the process of clearing out and cleaning up, I had to make some messes along the way.

It’s always scary to make things worse before they’re better – that explains a full 80% of my reluctance to work on house projects lately, as adding to the messes just feels overwhelming. BUT! That mess was only temporary, as once I got the filing cabinet out of the way, I could tackle this neighboring corner.

That is the corner that’s making me twitch. Those frames have been stacked there for years – almost literally, years – and the glass table isn’t doing that corner any favors.

So, I found places for the frames – some stored under furniture, some chosen to hang on the wall – and moved the glass table to its new home!

I added a bit of new (FREE!) art to the corner – this vintage Nashville map, cut to fit in one of the frames previously stacked in the corner.

So that may not be the most exciting before-and-after – it’s just a table swap, after all. Still, it’s an improvement over this:

But mostly it makes me incredibly happy because it helped THIS before-and-after to happen:

No more frames stacked in the corner, y’all! After two years, this window is filled with empty space! And it’s just waiting for my latest vision – yes, there’s a vision – to fill it in. More progress (including a shelf switcheroo and curtains, yay) as I have the time to tackle it!