06 May 2014

The master bedroom wardrobes, part 2

Hey, guess what I did this weekend!

Are... are you impressed? Excited? Confused because didn’t I already build that BRIMNES wardrobe?

Ok, yes. I already built one of them. This is the other one! Maybe it took me a month to get the second one built... but I did it! And if that’s not impressive, remember that it takes three episodes of Breaking Bad for me to assemble one wardrobe. That’s a lot of time! And Breaking Bad!

But now my envisioned wall of wardrobes is becoming a reality:

I was a little surprised by how much room they took up, once everything was assembled. I mean, I knew from my measurements and mock-up that they’d take up most of the wall. But something about having it all in place made the furniture – and that wall – feel humongous, and dwarf the room in comparison.

Not that that’s a bad thing. I’m so happy it’s up! And that I won’t have to trip over a cardboard box on my way to bed anymore!

Now that the wardrobes are (finally) in place, I can start trying to visualize the more design-oriented aspects of this project. And one of the things I’m pumped about is choosing the door handles. I’m eschewing the ugly, boring ones that came with the wardrobes in favor of something more... well, pretty. And goodness, Anthropologie knows pretty.

So does Restoration Hardware. Oh me oh my.

But let’s be real... I cannot spend $100 on door pulls alone. So I need to be a bit more budget-minded. What’s more, those pulls aren’t even the right size. The Anthro one is beautiful, but way too small, and the Restoration Hardware pulls are 6” long. That’s a problem when my European wardrobes use metric standards – 160mm, or 6 1/4”. Hmmm.

Fortunately, I was able to find several in that size. I started the hunt at Lee Valley because I had a great experience with them when I purchased the pulls for our nightstands (they slightly messed up my order, but fixed it ASAP – like within a matter of days). They had a few 160 mm pulls, though some leaned more toward the office-industrial. The only options in the correct size are B and C below.

Ehhh? Meh.

But! They do have a pull that is very reminiscent of the pulls on the neighboring dresser. I like option A below.

And of course, with Lee Valley, the price is oh so right. But I’m not totally won over by any of those options... they’re just not that pretty, you know? So I checked to see what Big Blue and Big Orange have. This one has more traditional lines, though less ornate than the RH ones above:

And this one is goldtastic! Even though the dresser has silver pulls, the nightstands are gold, and the rest of the room is pretty golden. I could go either way, I think.

If I wanted to go more modern while still coordinating with the midcentury feel of the dresser, these would be a nice option:

And this is the most budget-friendly RH semi-lookalike I could find:

I think I like? I’d love to see it in person. Maybe I’ll make a field trip with my next three-hour chunk of spare time!

I haven’t made a selection yet – still just dipping my toes in the water. Any favorites? I’ve got time for your suggestions. At the rate this project is going, maybe I’ll choose one by, oh... July? Hey. It’s good to have goals!


Janice said...

I guess the question of pulls comes down to 1. do you want to match dresser the wardrobe stands next to or 2. do you want to compliment the hardware already in the bedroom. hmmm decisions, decisions :) GOOD LUCK! I know you will choose wisely :)

Tina said...

You asked... Wouldn't you know my fav would be among the most expensive? The last one from HD.
Gold or silver? Either keep it consistent with the dresser OR replace the dresser pulls, too. But not matchy-matchy. Optimally, even on different sides of the room, I'd want my pull finishes to match.
Any further questions? ;-)