01 May 2014

The other half of Team P tackles a project

I don’t know where the tradition of watching The Ten Commandments on Easter Sunday came from, but it’s never been one I fully embraced. I’m a musical theatre girl. So in Casa P, Easter Sunday is for watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which we own on DVD and VHS. But of course, Jesus Christ Superstar would make more sense if I’m choosing an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical for Easter. Mr. P thought we owned that one too, maybe. Hard to say. And who knows where that Joseph DVD is, anyway?

And that’s why I threw a fit on Easter about our out-of control DVD collection. It looks well-contained, all in these white boxes...

But as I mentioned back in January, they needed serious organization... and purging. Those boxes didn’t even hold all our DVDs – they’re also filling the television stand! No wonder I couldn’t find my Easter musical. Or even know which ones I own. Yikes.

And yet I hadn’t organized them, though, because it just seemed so... overwhelming. Pulling everything out of boxes and drawers, alphabetizing, putting them all away... blergh. No time for that in April OMG!

So when I was at work and suddenly received a message from Mr. P saying, “I did the DVDs for you,” well...

I shouldn’t act so surprised. The man is really good at taking care of business around the house. After all, he is the only one who lives here who knows how to turn on the vacuum cleaner.

So today, let’s all admire the handiwork of the other half of Team P, shall we?

Ta-da! Neatly organized and alphabetized. High-five!

Eagle-eyed readers might note that the last DVD ends in P, so he couldn’t actually fit the entire collection in that drawer. There’s only a few that don’t fit, though, so they can go in the adjoining unit... as soon as I clean out the old VHS home movies in that drawer. But don’t worry, I’ve got a plan. See, he also sorted out all of these DVDs (and VHS tapes, yikes) that we don’t really ever watch.

(Yup. Joseph on VHS. No need to keep it if I have it on DVD, right?)

And cleaning those out meant that he had these left over:

Empty boxes, y’all! That’s what I like to see! Once I fill those with the old home movies, we can have our entire DVD collection in the TV unit. Alphabetized!

And now I know exactly where my Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat DVD is... and that we don’t own Jesus Christ Superstar. Thanks, Mr. P!