27 May 2014

Year three

Now that the long weekend is out of the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t stop and wish a very happy THIRD BIRTHDAY to this here blog!

With champagne even! That’s an upgrade from the first-birthday cake.

The design is beyond old-school (maybe year four I’ll finally improve the blog template?) but I’m still here, day in and day out. True, the past six months or so have been a little slow blog-wise... this isn’t my paying job, and so when free time is short, I have to focus on those projects that actually earn the dolla dolla bills (i.e. my day job). And besides, now that I’ve done a lot of the little projects around our apartment, that leaves mostly big ones – but I’ll still be here to tell you all about them, no matter how slowly I can conquer them. And I’m grateful that you’re still here to hear about them, too!

As per annual tradition, here’s a few up-to-date stats about the blog:

Blog posts to date: 797, including today’s. This’ll be the year to hit quadruple digits!

Most popular time to read the blog: 8:00 AM, a little earlier than last year. Good job getting an earlier start to your day!

Second most popular time to read the blog: 3:00 PM. This blog is strongly associated with coffee breaks, I think.

Most popular referrer: Google, by quite a lot! Pinterest has been dethroned! And I don’t even know a dang thing about SEO, so there ya go.

Post with the highest Google ranking (that I’ve noticed): RITVA vs. VIVAN. If you google “ikea vivan”, I’m on the first page, the first post that’s not trying to sell you curtains, and ahead of YHL. OMG. I’m also on the first page if you search “ikea ritva”. Google’s all, “Extreme passion for IKEA curtains, noted.

Mobile vs. Desktop Browsers: Desktop, also by a lot, somewhat surprisingly. Apparently only 10% of you visit this site on a mobile device! I’m sure that has nothing to do with the circa-2008 web design and is instead because you’re all smartphone holdouts, like I was. Ahem.

Number of photos uploaded for the blog: 4709, more than 50% increase compared to last year’s cumulative total. I must be adding more photos per year, each year!

Most popular post of all time: DIY Stencil Canvas Art is still holding strong (and probably always will)

Earnings to date: $0. Although I read posts like this sometimes and think about how I could be making so much money off your eyeballs. But I won’t.

And here’s the most popular posts published in the last year:

The new guest room, revealed
I’m glad a good old-fashioned room reveal can still crack the top posts. It took me long enough to finish it, after all!

DIY: Drawer organization with foam-core board
Perhaps it’s surprising that such a simple, FREE project can rank so highly, but since that’s my favorite sort of project, I’m pleased.

The best thrift shop find to date
What a useless post to everyone else. Sorry you can’t have these prints, guys. They’re unique and they’re MINE. ALL MINE.

DIY: Hand-painted owl canvas art
Thanks to Pinterest for making this one so popular. Don’t forget I made a giant stencil for you, too!

DIY: Wall-mounted landing strip
I still love those fabric pockets made for mail, even if I hardly ever use them.

My Favorite Things, November 2013
Huh. You guys, I have no idea why this post is so popular. I wouldn’t have bothered to point it out, except at the end, I provide a link to the most hilarious collection of GIFs, and that alone makes that post worth a re-visit.

Photo Friday: For Greg
This post racked up the pageviews when friends of Greg shared it on Facebook, which feels a bit like cheating to post it again here – unless it helps to tell Greg’s story and convince you to actively support funding for healthcare research, in which case, it’s totally worth it.

DIY: Linen bulletin board with nailhead trim
That nailhead trim was much more challenging than I expected, but this project is still one of my favorite DIYs for our office.

DIY: RAST dresser makeover (a la Little House Blog)
This DIY (and the subsequent reveal) is a total knockoff from Lindsay. Imitation with proper attribution is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Eats: Italian wonderpot
Lookit, an Eats post made it in the top five posts of the last year! As I am not a real food blogger, I have no idea how that happened. It is a tasty dish, though!

Not surprisingly, several of the Wedding Week DIY posts topped the pageview counts this year:

Wedding Week: DIY lace veil + hair flower

Wedding Week: DIY damask table linens

Wedding Week: DIY invitation calligraphy

I’m already planning this year’s DIY posts for Wedding Week and I’m so excited about sharing them. Seriously, it feels SO GOOD to be able to pass on all the random wedding-planning info I learned!

And finally, the top posts of the last year make up another series:

DIY pelmet boxes part 1, part 2, and part 3
Considering all the amazing DIY pelmet boxes out there, I’m thrilled that mine are getting a bit of attention, too. Especially because the truth about how long they can take should be known!

And thus ends the third year of The Redheaded Stepchild – and kicks off the next year, bound to be full of the run-on sentences and overuse of italics you know and love. Thanks for sticking around!


Janice said...

Fun trip down memory lane of 2013-2014 blog year. Thanks for sharing the status of the blog I had no idea all those different items were calculated for blogs. Best wishes for the coming blog-year!