05 June 2014

DIY: marble serving tray

Although we don’t entertain all that often, we’re fortunate to have lots of great serving ware here at Casa P. But the one thing I was missing, that I was coveting – at least every time I visited my sister-in-law and saw hers – was a marble slab to use as a serving tray. What can I say? When one has green green green countertops, you have to get your pretty marble wherever you can.

So when I saw this DIY marble tray from Cassie at Hi Sugarplum, I had to copy it. HAD to. Under $10 for a beautiful serving tray – with supplies all gathered from my local big box hardware store? Yes please!

Although I thought a rectangular tray like Cassie’s would be pretty – whether 6x12” or 12x18” – but unfortunately my local Big Orange only had 12x12” tiles. Oh well, it was still just $4! If I had a tile saw, I totally would have cut it in half, which would have made me two rectangular trays for $2 each. Nice!

I also picked up two antique gold-finish drawer pulls and glue (not the glue advertised in Cassie’s post, because my store didn’t have it, but just regular Gorilla Glue). I also dug out the FIXA self-adhesive pads leftover from our kitchen cabinet painting adventure.

I tried to pick a tile with pretty veining throughout – the sort of marble I’d love to have as countertops. Most of the other single tiles had more of a mottled pattern, so be sure to dig through for one that strikes your fancy.

Now: going to the store, picking up these items, and returning to your home will probably take longer than making the tray itself. This barely merits a DIY post because it’s so dang easy. Start by sticking the pads on the underside.

Next, use tape to mark off the tile. I stole this idea from Cassie’s post, and it’s totally worth it – you don’t have to deal with a ruler while trying to glue down the handles, and if you use an L-square to mark your right angles, it ensures that your handles will be directly across from each other.

Then it’s time to glue on the handles. Mine had a flat part, but also a recessed part – make sure the handles you get have enough flat surface to secure them onto the tile.

Using a wet Q-tip, I spread the glue very very thinly on the flat part (since Gorilla Glue can expand, and I didn’t want it seeping out of the edges) and a bit thicker on the recessed part, figuring it would drip down and help adhere.

Once the handles are glued in place, the Gorilla Glue directions say to apply clamps. I used the next best thing we had around Casa P.

And they said I’d never use those textbooks again!

After several hours, the handles seemed secure enough to move my new tray around and admire it.

It almost looks like something I’d find in the antique shops I frequent, thanks to the aged-gold finish handles and slightly rough edges to the marble. Instant antique! Not to mention the marble itself is so dang pretty.

I can’t say for sure that the handles will hold forever and ever – so far, I’ve mostly used them to pick up the tray, then supported it with fingers underneath just in case. But they get the job done!

How’s about a good old-fashioned time/cost breakdown?

Time spent:
I did this project before church in under a half hour. I know it only took that long because I was supposed to be spending that time getting ready for church.

Marble tile: $4
Handles: $5 for two
Glue: $3, but I was out of super glue anyway, and I’ll use it for other projects
FIXA pads: already owned
Total cost: $12

Love! And although I haven’t had the opportunity to use it for company yet, I’m already enjoying having it out in the butler’s pantry.

If you’ve also been lusting after a marble tray, now you can have one too... just visit your hardware store!


Janice said...

What a great idea! I love the end result on your counter too.

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