25 June 2014

The master bedroom wardrobes, part 3 (in which one is silver and the other is gold)

The wardrobe progress marches on! The way very lethargic soldiers without any sort of time-keeping method or any sense of destination might march. Hmm. I suppose the word I’m really looking for is “drags”.

Nonetheless! Last time I chatted about the wardrobes, I was trying to decide which handles I wanted for the doors to replace the not-so-fantastic ones that come with them. And lookie what I have!

I picked my three favorites from the last post – from left to right, that’s this one, this one, and this one. All came from either Big Orange (the first) or Big Blue (the other two), and all had to be ordered online, but at least shipping was free – which is why I decided to order four of each, pick the one I liked best in our home, and return the others in-store!

You might recall that I was drawn to the Restoration Hardware look, so I first tried the lookalike handle, which came in at a whopping $18 apiece.

And for once in my life, I didn’t love the most expensive option the most. Who knew! I thought it’d look fancy, but it actually looked rather small and spindly, and the metal finish was a little too dark. Maybe it would work for a kitchen, but not for these wardrobes. I actually much preferred the other brushed nickel handle, which is a third of the price at $6 apiece!

The shape of that handle seemed to mirror the lines of the wardrobe much better, and the color was brighter and more to my liking.

So hooray for eliminating the most expensive option! But then I ran into a roadblock: indecision between the two cheaper options ($6 and $7 each, respectively).

On one hand, I think the brightness of the silver works well with the white, and the scale and shape seems to fit the wardrobe a little better than the gold. The pulls on the adjacent dresser are silver, too, so that adds some cohesion. Plus right now there’s a lot more gold in the room than silver, and since I’m truly a fan of mixing finishes, it’d help to have a little bit more silver in the room for balance.

On the other hand, the shape of the gold handle actually mimics the adjacent drawer pulls much more (if you don’t see how differently shaped they are, check out the shadows the handles cast in the photos above and below). The gold ones are a little bit more elegant on the details, too.

Not to mention that gold and curvy goes well with the pulls across the room on our nightstand dressers, which are the two-tone wood-plus-white that these wardrobes will be eventually.

At this point you’re probably waiting for me to reveal which one I chose, and unfortunately, you’re going to be disappointed, because I STILL HAVE NOT DECIDED. At first I thought I had a very slight preference for the silver until I asked Mr. P, who had a very slight preference for the gold, which swayed me right back into the middle. And since they’re basically the same price, I can’t even use that as a deciding factor. Argh!

I suppose the bottom line is that I’d be happy with either, so that’s a nice place to be in. But it’d be nice to have a decisive “YES THIS ONE” moment to feel good about my choice!

I dunno. Which would you pick, dear readers? And why? (You can’t say you like the first option best – I’ve already returned them and happily received my $80 refund!)


Rachel C said...

Personally, I like the silver better. The gold are pretty, but just don't do it for me. I like how the silver aren't as rounded. They seem more utilitarian and masculine. Not sure if that's really the look you are going for, but I prefer it.

Rachel said...


Miranda said...

I vote for silver!