26 June 2014

The NEW new coffee table

Perhaps you all remember that I lived with a patio table in my living room for an embarrassingly long time.

Years, people. For most of my twenties I had outdoor furniture indoors and pretended that was totally okay even though I knew, deep down, it was not.

So I was super excited when we got our new hacked RAST dressers that function as nightstands, allowing me to move the antique gold cocktail tables that previously served that function into our living room!

Mr. P was... less excited. To put it mildly. As the understatement of the year. He basically hated them (even though they’re so so so pretty, a point he will not concede). They were a different height, for one, and also just not totally his style. But most of all, he kept injuring himself on the sharp corners.

How he managed to constantly hurt himself on our coffee tables, I’m not sure. He’s not particularly clumsy, and I didn’t have the same problem despite being much more accident-prone. I’d say repeatedly injuring himself was some masochistic scheme to get rid of the tables he didn’t like, but there’s no way the big, painful gouge marks in his legs and feet were intentional, so I guess he and the tables just did not get along, period.

So, while I enjoyed my gold coffee tables, all good things must come to an end. I always knew I’d replace them someday, and I knew I wanted a big storage ottoman for that purpose. So when I noticed a faux white leather beauty on sale at Overstock, I snatched it up. And just what was the sale price? One hundred fifty bucks!

I’d kept my eyes peeled long enough to know that was a good price, but I still ran it by Mr. P first. The conversation went something like this:

me: Ooh. Overstock has a storage ottoman that might be good as a coffee table. Do you like it?

Mr. P: Yes. You should get it.

me: It’s $150. That’s a pretty decent price; all these others are $200 and up, and this one looks nicer. I’ve done a lot of price-watching and I don’t think it’ll get much better than that.

Mr. P: Sure. Go for it.

me: It’s faux leather. I think that’ll be easier to keep clean than fabric. But it might not be nice faux leather, you know? It could look plasticky. Maybe we should wait and get fabric?

Mr. P: It’ll be fine. Go ahead and order it.

me: You know, I’m not sure it’s firm enough to function as a table. Maybe it’ll be ok with a heavy tray for drinks? Hmm. It’d be nice if we could see it in person first.

Mr. P: I think it’ll work well.

me: But if it doesn’t, we can’t return it. I dunno. Maybe we could sell it on Craigslist if we don’t like it?

Mr. P: Definitely. Order it.

me: Wait, why are you so eager? You never have this strong of an opinion about anything I want to buy.


And that’s Mr. P’s seal of approval, right there!

So although I don’t typically condone the “ANYTHING ELSE IS BETTER THAN THIS” approach to furniture shopping, I did go ahead and order the ottoman. And in under a week it was at our door! All we had to do (after hauling it up the stairs ourselves) was attach the feet.

And put it in place of the antique gold tables!

It isn’t the most convincing faux leather I’ve ever seen – and it’s a bit on the shiny side at certain angles – but for the price, I’m definitely happy enough.

Considering it came from Overstock, I worried it might have defects. I did notice one corner is a bit less than perfect – one side has a slight scuff in the middle, and the other has a very faint blue line at the bottom.

But can you see them in that photo? Barely, if at all. The blue mark is basically invisible. And fortunately, the way we wanted to place it in the room, that corner ended up being on the far side, where really only Mr. P can ever see it.

It turned out to be a decent color, perhaps a little yellowish when compared to the chairs, but I think that will seem less obvious if the walls aren’t so pink. And fortunately, it’s firm enough to use as a table – especially with my new marble tray!

I might have to make another, it’s perfect for this function!

And let’s not forget the massive storage we just acquired:

YEAH STORAGE! I can never have enough.

So, although I’ll miss my old coffee tables, I’m happy to report that this soft padded ottoman has yet to injure Mr. P. Stylish, functional, and no longer hazardous to our health: everything I could want in furniture!


Janice said...

Looks great and I'm loving that additional storage space! Happy for Mr. P. that injuries are no longer a concern :)