12 June 2014

Whoooo loves little updates

Room overhauls aren’t just about the big things, like beautiful new hand-painted curtains that take hours to make. You also have to swap out the little things that bug you, one item at a time. There’s usually no prize – or blog post – for getting rid of those slightly annoying items for ones you love instead. And that’s too bad, because those little changes add up to a happier room.

Yesterday you saw the office got a big change in the form of those curtains, but you might have missed a few little things that are different.

Here’s a photo from last fall, for comparison.

The old desk chair is way improved, of course, with a ticking stripe pillow and an IKEA faux sheepskin (very comfy when I’m working, too!). The DIY linen bulletin board is there, too, and it’ll be on the wall eventually, when I figure out where everything needs to go. But what’s missing on the desk from the first photo are those goblets filled with pens and pencils. Over the last few months, I had come to inexplicably hate those goblets. They’re proof that not all $2 items in the clearance section can be legitimately justified just by coming up with some function, any function.

So they got the boot. And in their place? Another hooty-hoo. Owls everywhere up in Casa P!

I don’t know about you, but to me that looks straight out of Grandma’s house. My grandma decorated her house in owls and depression glass, and this Target votive holder meets both of those décor themes. It just looks like it belongs next to her recliner to hold her pens for solving crosswords.

So of course, I had to pick it up. It might not have been my Grandma’s, but it might as well have been. And for six bucks, that’s good enough to make me smile a lot more than those random, tall, annoying goblets.

Not every house update has to take you lots of time and money. It doesn’t even have to be Pinterest-worthy (ugghhh). It only has to make you smile. And if you make enough of those updates, well, that’s how you build a room you can be happy in – without a single huge project!