21 July 2014

Eats: avocado-egg dip

Ok, back to reality! Thank you for indulging my Italian adventure photos, dear readers. And the Swiss ones before that! I promise you right now that I won’t be traveling any more anytime soon, so you’re safe from travelogues for a good long while.

So for today, let’s get back in the kitchen! But let’s keep it quick and easy and summery. With avocados!

I almost always have avocados in my fridge. Thankfully, I can count on Trader Joe’s to consistently sell good avocados – the same can’t be said for other grocers in my area. I’ll buy eight at a time when they’re still slightly green, keep them in the fridge to ripen slowly, and pull out a few every so often to let them ripen fully. The result: avocados, all the time! Like we live in California instead of flyover country!

Most of the time, we add the avocado to our Mexican food (because, honestly, we eat Mexican at least once a week). Sometimes I wrap it up with a bunch of greens for lunch. But occasionally, I have a hankering for avocados served yet another way. And lately, it’s been in the form of an avocado-egg dip/spread situation that I once ate at Mr. P’s aunt’s home.

Because I didn’t ask for her recipe – because I forget that part of cooking until the last possible second when I am ready to cook right now right now – I just cobbled something together that’s vaguely reminiscent of the dip I remember eating at her place and totally satisfied my craving. Here we go!

We need two avocados and three boiled eggs. I wanted the avocado and egg receiving near-equal billing, but if you wanted to make it more egg-salady, add more eggs. Or less! No need to be precise, here.

The eggs need to be boiled. I used Martha’s directions (because yes, I google every dang time I need to boil eggs), except I started with the hottest water out of the tap because I’m impatient and also a weenie about undercooked eggs.

While the eggs boil, prep the rest of the ingredients. For starters: a little bit of onion. I actually had red onion on hand, but couldn’t be bothered to cut it up. Instead I used just a bit of dry onion from my pantry (we’re talking 1/4 teaspoon, tops) and soaked it in two teaspoons of lemon juice.

I wanted the onion to keep it savory, but I used so little because I haven’t been the biggest fan of onion lately. You can add more if you want! But even if you use fresh onion, be sure to “cook” it in the acid for a little while before adding it. Mellows the flavor a bit, and the citrus will help keep the avocado from turning brown immediately!

Speaking of avocado: let’s dice.

I usually like my avocados chunky, so I didn’t use the food processor, but I did slice them into smaller chunks than usual. (Don’t forget that you can slice up the avocado in the peel before scooping it out, like I showed here! It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that out. No judgment if there’s currently a lightbulb “ding”ing over your head.)

Soon enough, the eggs are done! Thanks, Martha, for picture-perfect boiled eggs.

Admittedly, the outside of the eggs weren’t quite so pretty, as I had ZERO PATIENCE while peeling them (what can I say? I’m a busy gal with places to go and things to do). But really, who cares what they look like – just mince them up!

Again, I went for a petite dice, but you could give them a whirl in the food processor if you want less chunks.

Then just stir the egg into the avocado and add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and parsley (lemon and parsley just belong together, I think). Everything to taste!

Stir it up! Finally, if you’re in the mood for a super-creamy dip... add a tablespoon of mayo. You can leave it out if you want to! I added it because I really wanted that extra bit of tang and creaminess from the mayo.

And that’s it! A super easy avocado-egg dip that comes together mostly in the time it takes to boil the eggs. It’s tasty on sandwiches, on crusty bread, in a salad... or just scoop it on a cracker and enjoy.

It’s better when you have a chance to chill it a bit (to make the eggs cold again), but obviously, if you wait too long, the avocados will brown. So don’t make this too far in advance! Make it just in time to let it chill and then let everyone to scarf it down – either at a summery party, or just sitting on your sofa (we did the latter). Enjoy!

As for a meal plan this week... Mr. P’s out of town, so I didn’t make a formal plan, per se. But I can say my plans involve all my favorite Mr.-P-unfriendly foods, including black bean quesadillas (the man doesn’t eat beans) and pasta fagioli soup (the man also doesn’t eat soup). And perhaps a dinner of crackers, hummus, and this avocado-egg dip eaten while standing at the kitchen counter. Ladies’ night!

Hope you all have a great week, dear readers!


Janice said...

Neat recipe. Never would have thought to toss in some egg in my diced avocado. Will have to give that a try.

Mechelle Dyer said...

I did this with marble-died Easter eggs one year...it was good, but looked a little funny. We didn't tell Daddy about the avocado until after he had tried it ;)