14 July 2014

Eats: tour de Italy

Do I really need to explain that I haven’t been cooking a lot lately? With all the traveling and hosting travelers, this past weekend was my first totally free weekend since the beginning of June. I didn’t spend it in the kitchen. And I’m totally not sorry about that.

So to set the stage for the Italy recaps to come (oh yeah, they’re coming)... I dug through all the recipes I’ve posted here over the years and found all my Italian-inspired recipes. There’s a LOT!

There’s a lot of focaccia here. Both the plain, savory kind (my go-to crowd-pleasing appetizer/side for company!) and the sweet kind with raisins. A Ligurian treat for you, right at home!

Sometimes I use that savory focaccia as a base for a delicious pizza. And here’s the sauce recipe to go with it! (We have Chicago-style around here, too, but that’s hardly Italian, right?)

Sometimes the focaccia gets transformed into a quick and easy bruschetta. Or Italian sandwiches!

I’ve made gnocchi here a few times. There’s the cheater’s way, and the right way.

There’s also cheater’s risotto, and proper risotto.

There are the recipes that I straight-up copycatted from trips to Italy – not just the focaccia up there, but also this speck and mascarpone pizza.

And the walnut sauce from our favorite restaurant in Florence! (Not much to look at, but I promise it’s delicious. I still need to try it with a traditional roux!)

I’ve also tried my hand at making mozzarella cheese – nowhere near as well as the Italians, sorry to say. But I gave it a shot!

It’s a bit too warm for soup right now, but I am still dying to make this pasta fagioli soup again.

And finally, my go-to easy-peasy pasta: spaghetti carbonara!

There’s more, but I think that’s enough to set the mood for the week! Now I just need to figure out what I want to copycat from this most recent trip! There was lasagna pizza.... granita... the absolute best rigatoni carbonara I’ve ever had... and of course, gelato. Hmmm. If that’s not inspiration to get back in the kitchen, what is?!


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