03 July 2014

Globetrotting 2014

Last week, as you perhaps surmised from my Photo Friday (doubtful), I was in Wisconsin for a conference. I took only two photos: one you saw last week, and one not for public consumption (as it involves my boss and I am a professional, dang it). But fortunately there was a conference photographer so you can see a bit of what I was up to. (All photos sourced from here.)

(The site of the plenary sessions. I did give a talk, but thank goodness it was in a room half the size of that one)

Most unfortunately, there seem to be no photos of the big dance party on the last night of the conference. Yes, dance party. Thanks to a great DJ and some surprisingly talented scientist-dancers, the dance party was maybe only 20% awkward and 80% a super fun time. I’m happy to say that I kicked it off with two new friends and stayed on the floor almost the whole time until the end. My feet hurt for days. And my hips, and my back.

I really could’ve used more time to rest, though, as now I’m traveling to a different conference... here in Italy.

At least, I think I’m here. Is today Thursday? Is that when this post is going up? I have no idea anymore. All I know is, this place is beautiful and the food is divine.

More from the other side next week!