30 July 2014

Going greige

After last week’s teasers...

... I had to make good on that. So guess how I spent my weekend! Weekend-plus, actually. It’s been years since I painted a room – so long that I haven’t painted a whole room since I started this blog. I’d forgotten all the work that goes into it!

I spent several hours one evening just prepping the room for painting – moving furniture around, removing all the outlet covers, taking down the curtains. Mr. P was out of town, so I texted him this panorama of the mess I was making.

Of course, clearing out one room to paint means chaos in the adjacent room.

The next night I started painting. It took three Sherlocks to finish each coat (unit conversion: one Sherlock = ninety minutes), in three sessions across two days. Whew!

Getting started was terrifying, partly because this isn’t my house (painting a rental, what up!) and also because I’ve never painted a room with carpet. Dropcloths are key, obvs!

It was so horribly late at night when I finished that I didn’t really care if I liked the color or not (I chose Worldly Gray, if you forgot). But heading into the room the next morning, I knew it was the right choice!

Look at that gorgeous neutral back there! Much improved over the previous beige, eh? If you want a better comparison, here’s the two colors next to each other. I did absolutely no color correction on this photo.

I started painting the foyer while waiting to see if the guest room needed a second coat (and the afternoon light showed me that indeed, it did). This photo was taken in daylight with the overhead light on as well, and you can see how the peachy-pinky-beige the old color is relative to the new greige.

Turning off the overhead light helps tone down the pink a bit... but Worldly Gray becomes even prettier. No contest.

So did I actually finish painting the guest room? I did! And put it mostly back together, with hours to spare before an actual houseguest arrived to stay there.

Gray, glorious gray!

The bed was still kind of a mess as I needed Mr. P to come home and help me get the mattress in place, but you get the idea!

I’d wondered before painting just how pinkish the carpet was, or if it was just reflecting the wall color. I’m happy to report that while the undertones are a bit pinkish, overall the carpet’s pretty beige.

How about a few more photos of the new paint and how deliciously neutral it is? It doesn’t match the pink background of the Paris map anymore!

But it’s not so gray that it turns blue – perhaps you can appreciate how greige it is relative to the true-gray of the canvas art.

Sigh. So happy.

I’ll be honest, though – now that I can remember more easily the time and energy it takes to paint, getting through the rest of the apartment is fairly daunting. But knowing that the end result is so pretty serves as a great motivation! I’ll keep you posted!


Tina said...

Banishing that band-aid beige is beautiful work. I hope the landlady appreciates how particular you are with your painting, too. ;-)

Janice said...

It looks FANTASTIC! Wow, everyone in the extended families has a paint brush in their hands these days and we're all going tones of gray or grey if you prefer :) Keep it up, looks great!

Miranda said...

Go you! It looks so good!

Rachel C said...

Love it!!!

It never fails to amazing me what difference paint can do to a room. It feels so new and fresh.