01 July 2014

My Favorite Things, June 2014

Don’t worry, dear readers. Even though June is now behind us, I still compiled a list of my favorite things from around the internet. And even though I’m traveling, I’m still here to share them with you today!

This summer let’s be...

In the know

Is everyone around you buzzing about the World Cup, especially today (GO TEAM USA!)? You can use my cheat sheet to seem well-informed, too. Thanks, Nate Silver. (And I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!)

The proliferation of BuzzFeed- and Upworthy-style headlines is so incredibly annoying to me. I can just read this twitter feed instead!

You guys, we can all take properly white-balanced photos now, thanks to this tutorial! Although I admit, I hesitated to share it, as now when I post photos here that aren’t properly white-balanced I have no excuse.

In love with IKEA

Apparently IKEA got grumpy enough with IKEA Hackers to try to shut them down! Granted, half of the stuff posted there was silly or not useful to me, but it’s still almost as much of an institution as the store itself.

And indeed, there are some really incredible IKEA hacks out there. That bathroom wall!

Aside from the things you can buy from IKEA and the things you can do with IKEA, there’s the things that hide in the background at IKEA. I knew they were obsessed with stacks of books, but a sparkly top hat? A storage container of hay?

In awe of others’ creations

Not everything awesome is man-made. Nature does a pretty good job, too.

My boss told me a story recently about how David Sedaris actually wrote in his diary about her family after meeting him at a book signing. They know he did this because he recognized them at another signing, years later, and told them. I just cannot fathom how his mind works, but this interview lends some insight, at least.

This lady sent every text in calligraphy for a week! I kinda wish she was my friend. I’d handwrite messages back, promise!

Watching Orange is the New Black

Mr. P and I are not even halfway through the latest season – though six hours of devoted attention thus far is pretty darn impressive for me – and yet, I am still obsessed. Seriously, one of the best ensemble casts I’ve ever seen!

I haven’t been able to read a ton about the latest season for fear of spoilers (please don’t, I might not be done until August!). But this mostly-spoiler-free and insanely thorough look at every cast member from OITNB on Law & Order made me giggle.

Re-watching OK Go

Yes yes yes. We all saw their latest video and hummed the song for days afterwards.

But! Whenever I just abstractly thought about OK Go or their music videos, other songs popped in my head. I realized it’s a good time to go back and enjoy those too, eh? Here’s two of my faves, including the one that first brought OK Go to our collective attention.


I always love a good pun. Contrary to the article’s title, here’re some good puns (because the only bad pun is a lazy pun).

Mr. P entertained me for a solid twenty minutes the other day reading out some of these jokes. I giggled at every dang one.

This was my favorite joke as a kid. Because it’s every kid’s favorite joke.

And finally, one of the recent Kid Snippets has a line I can’t stop repeating, and then, laughing until I cry. The whole video’s good (as is its sequel) but I absolutely LIVE for the part from 1:52 to the payoff at 2:12.

That’s it for June, errbody! And now... welcome to July!


Janice said...

Was able to see OK Go in concert a few years back at Summerfest. No treadmills then though. lol

LOVE Kid Snippets. Had not seen this one though. Make me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

Safe travels.

Miranda said...

I happened to have started watching Orange is the New Black last night! :)