11 July 2014

Photo Friday #159: when in Rome

When Mr. P and I went to Italy four years ago, we started out in Rome, FULL OF ENERGY. So we started our days super-early, just as everything opened, and packed our schedule with as many sights as possible... so that by dinnertime, we totally exhausted. We never went out after dinner, never saw Rome at night.

I’m so glad we got a do-over just for that.

I thought Rome was crazy and overwhelming back then. Now, it just feels beautiful... and more romantic than ever.


Tina said...

A fun thing to do now might be to find some movies filmed in Rome... If you haven't already. In that case, watch them again and see the places you'll certainly readily recognize. Two favs off the top of my head are Three Coins in the Fountain and Roman Holiday. Probably cheesy plots to you but you're watching for the scenery - and you'll also see why in my dreams I own a Vespa. ;-)