24 July 2014

The paint of no return

Attention! Attention, please: THIS IS HAPPENING.



Those few of you following me on Instagram had an inkling this was about to happen. I posted this photo a few days ago:

But those of you following the blog since we’ve moved in this apartment – for years – know that this has been a long time coming. Why? Well, our walls are pink.

You guys, I edited the bejesus out of those photos in order to make my walls look less pink. Guess what. STILL PINK. It’s impossible to escape, which I suppose just makes it more realistic. In real life, our walls are more pink than the pinky border around these paintings.

And basically the same color as the background of this art (even more so in real life than I could capture in this photo). Which is clearly peachy pink.

Still don’t see what I see? Well, the lovely Kristen F. Davis, painter and blogger, recently painted her bedroom peach, because she wanted to do “a weird, odd color”. And the “peach” she went with felt horribly, horribly familiar.

Oh good grief. Nail. Coffin. Done.

There are only two people who have seen our apartment walls in person and not understood what I mean about the pink undertones. The first is Mr. P, because he is red-green colorblind (he honestly cannot see the swatches on the walls above, other than occasionally discerning that the new color is “lighter”). I imagine he is much happier about living in a pink apartment than I am, so more power to him.

The second is our landlady, who still claims to not see how pink they are, but at least has given up trying to convince me not to cover up the color she probably carefully chose. Sorry, landlady friend. Thanks for finally supporting my (year-long) decision.

Our long wait in the pinky-beige desert is over, friends. Swatch, swatch, swatch!

Yes, I painted all my swatches behind frames on the wall. Because I cannot magically paint all the walls in a day, nor can I have ugly patchy walls in the meantime.

I think the gray looks lighter in the photos than it does in real life, relative to the current wall color. It’s actually about the same brightness, just without all the pinky color. Once the sun went down, Mr. P literally could not see the swatches anymore.

Are you envisioning it? Can you possibly be as excited as I am?!

And so. In case you’re wondering, I settled on Worldly Gray (shown in all the swatches above), and bought five dang gallons of it. Let’s do this thing!


Rachel C said...

Yay!! I'm dancing a painting jig at my desk! I am so insanely happy.

Janice said...

Congratulations! Hope it goes on smoothly. I know it'll look great when it's all done. Good luck!