07 July 2014

Viaggo Italiano, day 1

Hello from Naples, dear readers! Or Rome? Maybe I’m in Rome by now. So you must know what my nonstop traveling means: travel photos [said in Oprah voice]!!!!

Before I was in Naples or Rome or who-knows-where, I was in Lecce. It’s in the heel of the Italian boot, and you’ve probably never heard of it. That’s ok, I never had either; I only went for work. But now that you know about it, you should probably go. I’d say it has all the best parts of Rome (ancient ruins), Florence (architecture and art), and Venice (charming maze-like streets) mashed into a single small city... but really, it’s beautiful all on its own, no comparisons needed.

Case in point: while wandering through the streets trying to find my way to my conference venue, I happened upon this Roman amphitheatre crammed in between many other buildings. Fourteen hours later, it was filled with Lecce citizens enjoying a jazz band’s rendition of “Summertime.” The living is easy, indeed.


Janice said...

Some of the neatest things are found just by wandering!

Tina said...

Durn. That would have been the perfect venue for USA School Band and Chorus, too, albeit many years ago... I'm certain it was there even then.Heh. ;-)