05 August 2014

Eats: grilled lemon-herb pork

Now that the secret’s out, can I just say: holy moly, it is hard to write posts about food when all you want to eat is ramen noodles. Or crackers with cheese. Or a Chipotle burrito, oh my gah. Never mind finding the energy to cook, what with all the travel! I’m patting myself on the back for getting food posts written at all over the last few months.

Part of the issue has been a general aversion to meat – sometimes eating it, always preparing it. And eating meat that I prepared? Ugh, just no. As proof, just look at all the Eats posts from the last several months. Discounting the salmon last week, I haven’t written a single post with meat since April. Makes sense, as cooking anything felt like such an insurmountable chore – if I was going to cook something, I better be willing to eat it!

Now that I’m feeling a little more normal, I’m trying to get back in the habit of cooking as I used to. And that means adding some animal protein back into our diets. A great way to baby-step back into new meat dishes is with the grill, as I only have to do half the prep work and let Mr. P take over the actual cooking. So, I dug a pound of nearly-frostbitten pork steaks out of the freezer (purchased before the Great Nauseated Spring of 2014) and adapted this lemon-herb marinade from Annie’s Eats to prepare them.

I had everything on hand for this recipe except for a single lemon. Zest it, juice it, and mix all that with three tablespoons of olive oil.

Then add half a tablespoon of rosemary (if using dried; use less if fresh), a teaspoon each of minced garlic and Dijon mustard, and a teaspoon of parsley (to sub for the thyme and which I totally forgot). Also sea salt and ground pepper, a few shakes of each to taste!

Now: marinate! You should let it marinate at least a few hours, perhaps the whole day (in the fridge, obvs) or overnight. I let it marinate twenty minutes. What can I say? When I suddenly have the urge to eat a normal dinner with meat, I gotta strike while it’s hot.

The good news is that even if you only marinate for twenty minutes, you’ll still get some of the flavors. We do what we can!

Then it’s time to grill. I’m not even going to pretend I know how to do this. My job for this part is to spy on Mr. P, three floors below.

But I did ask him how he grilled them, and he said 5-6 minutes per side with the grill set at 350. Apparently if you cook them like that, you get some pretty dang beautiful grilled pork steaks.

I mean. Aren’t they deliciously gorgeous?! I don’t make anything as photogenic as the things he grills.

Fortunately they weren’t just pretty – they were tasty too! The short marinating time meant that there was just a hint of lemon and herbs with the super-moist pork, which is a nice change from when I cook on the stovetop (which usually involves a flavorful sauce). Perfect summertime grilled fare!

Well, would you look at that – a nice dinner, easy enough for a weeknight, and palatable enough for a picky eater! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Janice said...

YUM! Do you have a Foodsaver? If you do, put marinade in bag, add food item. "suck seal" that baby and you can marinate in half the time as the juices are "pulled" through the food during the sealing process. Must have been at least 6 times reading your post today that I was looking for the "like" button lol. Glad you're feeling better now.Baby making is a tough job!